A Night in the Missouri Botanical Gardens

I’d say that the Missouri Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite places in St. Louis. It’s a nice size – not too big where you’d have to spend an entire day to see, and not too small where you’d get bored within minutes. So, I was thrilled to make one last hurrah at the beautiful gardens during senior week:

Elephant Statue Missouri Botanical Gardens

This one 😉

Missouri Botanical Garden Lantern Festival Climatron

They’re getting ready for the Lantern Festival

Missouri Botanical Garden Lantern Festival Decoration

We arrived a little after sunset. It really beats me why they scheduled this event in the evening – so that we can’t see each other or the flowers?? At least I squeezed in a few shots during blue hour:


Missouri Botanical Garden at Night

Missouri Botanical Garden Sculpture

Missouri Botanical Garden at Night

Once it got completely dark, it was kind of fun (and spooky) to wander into little hideaways and paths to find who-knows-what. On one of these treks, Maddie spotted these funny-shaped flowers:

White Flowers Missouri Botanical Garden

And we eventually ended up under a little pagoda where we sat discussing important things like Game of Thrones.

Missouri Botanical Garden Pagoda

I left out one more reason why the garden is so special to me – it also brings back fond memories of times I spent with some of my favorite people. I only have good memories of being in this place! In a way, I’ve unlocked the secret of time travel, haven’t I?

Have you ever been to the botanical gardens? What is your favorite park/garden?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. See more of MBG: Japanese Festival, Garden Glow


  • This place is stunning, I’d really wish to see it for real! The lights are perfect!

    • It is quite amazing! What are the botanical gardens like in France?

      • It depends on whre you go, there are numerous themes. The last one I visited was a little botanical garden near Provence where there were water lilies everywhere, it was so charming! But I suppose that our botanicla gardens are not as big as those you have 🙂

  • the dress looks so good on you! and it’s so awesome that they celebrate lantern festival there too!

    • Thank you! My wish is to celebrate the lantern festival in Asia at some point :O

  • Kim

    Beautiful shot of the “funny-shaped flowers!” They sort of look as though they have a miniature pine cone perched in the center 😀

    • Thanks! Now that I look at them again, I’d have to agree.

  • Loving these photos and your outfit, you look gorgeous! This seems like a fun and wanderful way to spend the night and time at the gardens! I´m loving it!

    • Thank you!! Yep, it was a fantastic place to spend time with fantastic people 😉

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