A Polar Escape

Last week, I went back to visit St. Louis. It was super awesome and great to see everybody – and to revisit one of my favorite haunts, the St. Louis Zoo. Best part was seeing its newest member, a polar bear (that joined the zoo right after I left STL…sigh). Check it out!

St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear

This guy was NOT a little, cuddly bear! Look at its size next to these kids!

St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear

And when it stood up, it was well over 7 (8?) feet. It towered above all the adults. Seriously, don’t mess.

But when it was playing with its keg or shaking its fur like a dog, I couldn’t help but be charmed by this “little” guy! He gave the sea lions a run for their money to being my favorite STL zoo animal.

St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear

St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear
And then I see its incisors…

Here’s another not so great shot of the bear, but it really shows its size. On another note, I really should go out shooting again…my skills are getting a little rusty :\

St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear

St. Louis Zoo Polar Bear

We also checked out the penguin exhibit after it being closed for a year. Not much has changed…

St. Louis Zoo Penguins
Where hi dere.

St. Louis Zoo Penguins

Personally, I think the Sea World penguin exhibit was one of the best I’ve ever seen. They had penguins for days. I mean, just look: click.

But what mattered the most was spending time with my people. And it was good.

That one #zooselfie that I forgot to post…?? #seeyouinamonth #mystlouis #stlzoo

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What’s your favorite zoo? Zoo animal?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. More adventures at the St. Louis Zoo: St. Louis Zoo Wild Lights, Snapshots: Last of St. Louis

  • What a fun trip with your friends! I totally agree that the Polar Bears looks so cute and cuddly, but I wouldn’t want to get near those teeth! My husband’s favorite animals are the penguins! He always talks about getting one to take home!

    • Haha the penguins looked so fake, they were that still. And they were close enough to touch (or to snatch one home lol).

  • Awww they are so cute! Love it.

    <3 Have Ashley, Will Travel