A Taste of Germany

dauth schneider restaurant frankfurt germany

Guten tag, y’all! So I was in Frankfurt, Germany for literally one night yesterday. Given such little time, what way to best experience Germany than through its cuisine?! So here’s my second time eating German food, ever (the first time was in Solvang, California, surprisingly…which was actually a little Dutch town).

I was recommended to try schnitzel and spatzle from my personal food connoisseur (aka Christina). In the end, I tried one of those two – the schnitzel – which was fried pork cutlet.

Frankfurter schnitzel green sauce
Frankfurter schnitzel with Frankfurter green sauce

Oddly enough, the fried pork really reminded me of tonkatsu (the Korean version of fried pork cutlets!). It tasted pretty good with the “green sauce,” which was made with herbs & spices. Of course, no German meal is complete without a big mug of BEER.

0.5 liters, baby.

When in Germany…? #germanbeer #germany #travel #europe #Frankfurt #tryingnewthings

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Frankfurt Germany sunset

That night, I was waaay too stuffed to try strudel for dessert. But no fear! Today we stopped in a small village when passing through the Black Forest to Switzerland. There, I seized the opportunity to try more authentic German food:

German wiener sausages
German wiener sausages & potato salad

You know what else German meals are incomplete without? Potatoes. I’ve had literally meat and potatoes for every meal in this country and in the countries before (Belgium & Amsterdam). In the end, I thought that the sausages were aight…like, they tasted like a normal hot dog wiener. I thought it’d be like bratwurst (or are wieners and bratwurst the same thing?) that would be way more tasty like the ones I had in Solvang. Luckily, I was consoled by my apfelstrudel!

German apple strudel apfelstrufel
Apple strudel

It was dee-lish. Seriously, get it whenever you can in Germany! It’s like how you must get crepes or macaroons in France. Simply put, the hot apple pie + cold vanilla ice cream = heaven.

Have you ever eaten German food before? What are your favorite German dishes?

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  • The sausages in Germany are the BEST!!!!! and so is the beer! haha it looks like you had an amazing time! I want to go back to Berlin and visit Frankfurt too and maybe do more of Germany as a whole. Amazing photos too btw, xx

    • Thanks! Oh yeah, I’d definitely want to visit Berlin and Munich next time. There wasn’t much to do in Frankfurt but eat, but then again, I was only there for a night. The food and especially the beer was good though 😉

  • Kim

    Ohhhhh my what food terrorism is this 😉 😉 Everything looks so good! At first I thought that potato salad was curry, and was thinking wait a minute that can’t be right! 😛 With all the yummies in the world, I don’t know how anyone could ever go on a diet lol

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