Ancient Ruins: Roman Forum

The Roman forum was a very strange place to stand in. How could something that looks like this once been the social, religious, and political center of ancient Rome?

Roman Forum

It required a bit of imagination to picture the square as the hustling and bustling city center that it used to be. For centuries, this marketplace was the center of Roman public life: the site of triumphal processions and elections, the venue for public speeches, criminal trials, gladiatorial matches, and the nucleus of commercial affairs (Wiki).


But now it just looks like a pile of broken rocks. Which is why I had trouble wrapping my head around the knowledge that this used to be the city center!

Roman Forum Rome

Now I was not sure if I heard correctly that Julius Caesar was buried in the Roman Forum. Wait, what?! I had to see it to believe it:

Julius Caesar Burial Ground Roman Forum
Julius Caesar’s burial ground

…yeah, after peering around a mud wall, that was it. You’d think that there’d be some grand burial ground for the great dictator. And it seems like there was, only what we see today are its remains. Where he got stabbed was a different place, now a cat sanctuary today (though I went and didn’t see many cats).

Roman Forum
Nature always takes over, no matter how hard man tries (or tried).

Roman Forum Ruins

One interesting tidbit I learned was that it’s a great honor to have your name inscribed on a monument. However, if you screw up (or just plain suck), it’s an even greater shame to have your name erased and replaced. This is what happened to Caracalla, who killed his brother Geta and had his name removed from the arch. No surprise that Caracalla was one of the “terrible four” worst Roman emperors.

Arch of Septimius Severus Roman Forum

Even more puzzling to me is how the arch was dedicated to his father Septimius Severus, who wasn’t that much better. He did not tolerate any religion but the Roman one, consequently severely persecuting Christians and Jews during his reign.

Arch of Septimius Severus

And so the great empire came to an end…

Roman Forum Rome

Roman Forum Rome

Later I walked past the Forum again and took even more photos, lol:

Roman Forum

Roman Forum


It turned out to be a fun subject to photograph. The texture in plants and stone was just phenomenal.

Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Have you seen the Roman Forum? Learn anything cool about this place? What are your favorite ancient ruins?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. When in Rome, you also gotta visit The Colossal Colosseum!

  • I can’t even imagine being somewhere with that much history! I feel like you could get lost in the city of Rome with as much history as there is!
    And that’s insane that Caesar’s burial ground is just out there for everybody to see! I’m surprised they don’t try to denote it better!

    • Oh yeah, Caesar’s grave was super underwhelming. There were no signs, nothing. I wouldn’t have known if we didn’t have a tour guide! So if you ever go, you may want to do a little bit of research beforehand :

  • Wow! I find it so amazing when older buildings or ruins are so close to newer ones. It’s such an interesting mix of architecture. 🙂

  • Kim

    I was surprised to see parts of it still standing even after 2000+ years lol. I think this is definitely something I would love to see a recreation of! I mean, they made the world of Harry Potter come to life, couldn’t they make the Forum? 😉

    • That’s actually an excellent idea. Even a model to look at would’ve been nice. I wouldn’t want to eclipse the original with a recreation though.

  • OH! You’ve made me miss Rome! It’s only been 6 weeks since I’ve been and I already wish I could get back. I love a good Roman ruin! Too bad about Ceasar’s burial. Maybe someday someone will rebuild it….

  • What I found interesting when I was there was that since the fall of Rome the ground level has changed quite a lot! There were doors built like 20 feet off the ground because of it.

    These pictures make me want to go back so bad, haha. I’ve been to Rome twice and somehow still want to go again!

    • Oh how neat! It really makes me wonder what ancient Rome looked like?

      What did you like the most about Rome? That was my first time in Rome, but the Trevi fountain was under construction (and closed…). Hopefully next time won’t disappoint!

      • Ooh that’s a tough question… I’d have to go with the food. Which is terribly cliche, but seriously, all the food was so delicious. I don’t think I came across a single thing that I didn’t like. And the GELATO, oh my god, that stuff was to die for.

        • Oh yeah I can not eat Italian food in the US after trying it in Italy. My taste buds have acquired higher class…

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