Andrew Molera State Park (Big Sur)

By this point, we have finally reached Big Sur territory! After a quick picnic lunch, we explored Andrew Molera State Park. I really liked the trail that we took because it led us through various scenic landscapes and brought us up on a cliff from where we could admire the views. Follow along on our journey:

Into the woods!

Actually let me backtrack for a minute: before going into the woods, I spotted a deer! It was in a field right next to our trail. In fact, I was surprised that it didn’t run away. It did, however, kept an eye on us the entire time we passed by…(Lisa saw a deer on the way back in approximately the same area. Maybe it was the same one?)

Deer in Andrew Molera State Park

After a short while, we emerged from the woods onto a beach. What a surprise! We tried to figure out how to cross that pool of water dividing the sand, but concluded that the only way across is to wade through the water. We definitely were not about to do that when it was only 50 degrees out. #notaboutthatlife

Beach in Andrew Molera State Park California
A cute little…shelter? fire pit? someone built.

Beach in Andrew Molera State Park California

Soon, we wandered up high enough to see the beach we were standing on.

Andrew Molera State Park California

Andrew Molera State Park California

Ocean Andrew Molera State Park California

Andrew Molera State Park California

We eventually made our way down to a point on the cliff where we could be closer to the water. Gotta be careful; there are no guard rails anymore!

Andrew Molera State Park California
We walked down to where those people are. Also, I was happy that I caught this pic the moment a flock of ducks took flight. 😀
We made it!

Overall, this was one of my favorite hikes on the entire trip. Altogether, the amazing scenery, deer sighting, and not-too-cold weather made it an enjoyable experience.

Have you ever been to Andrew Molera State Park? What did you think?

One last jumping photo before we left…lol, fail on my part.

Thanks for reading!

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