Antique-ing at The White Swan

Yesterday, I went antique shopping for the first time. I’ve never had a reason to go before… However, my friend Tiffany always wanted to go inside this one antique store, so we finally did.

white swan antiques st. louis
The White Swan Antiques

I didn’t expect so much stuff inside:

antique shop forks spoons silverware
Fancy silverware

vintage forks spoons silverware

shells decoration
Stacks upon stacks of shells.

I wondered who would buy this stuff; they all looked like junk to me. But as the saying goes – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And maybe we’re all hoarders at heart. <3

wood wicker chairs decoration

I also wondered how old some of these things were. They look like they could’ve come from the 1800’s!

vintage postcards prayer book
Suuuper antique-looking here.
vintage saxophone music instrument
I really liked this old sax. I wonder who played it, and what places has it seen?

old vintage antique clock book

vintage antique old voltmeter lamp

Yup, that is exactly what it looks like – an old-school voltmeter! It could probably belong in my vibrations class’s lab though, seeing how everything in that lab is outdated anyway…

vintage hats shop
Spot the photographer!

Next door, at Tin Roof Antiques:

vintage old postcards

cash register vintage antique
Old cash register
mini pool table vintage antique
Mini pool table. Behind, it a vintage telephone! :O

There stores were a feast for the eyes. There were just so many things to look at – old postcards, board games, model cars, models, clothes, jewelry, fabric, the list goes on. Have you ever been antique shopping (antique-ing)? What kinds of cools things have you found?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Great antique shops along Cherokee Street