Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Well hello! For the longest time, I’ve been in a slump where I haven’t been taking pictures for fun anymore. Whenever I did pull out my “fancy” camera, it was mostly out of necessity. Even after uploading the pictures, I did not feel like editing or sharing them.

But I found that one reason for the slack was because my Lightroom catalog and back-up system were extremely disorganized. After losing about 1.5 years worth of photos from a hard drive fail, I knew it was time to do something about it. I am much more satisfied knowing that I have a solid back-up plan! If you’re interested in learning about my organization process, please comment below and I’ll consider writing a post about it!

Since streamlining my process, I felt like I could go out and take photos again (without the fear of losing them). So on this nice, fall Columbus Day where I had no work (hooray!), I went on a hike with my brother to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. I felt like it was also time to dust off my gigantic macro lens and take some nature close-ups. Here’s what we found:

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Butterfly
Master of camoflage
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Berries
I loved the color of these berries! Can anyone identify its kind?
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Lizard
So glad I brought my brother along because he spotted this lizard! Probably our coolest find of the day!

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Flower

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Dragonfly
I found a surprising amount of dragonflies at the park. I think they look so cool yet creepy with those gigantic alien eyes…

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Dragonfly

My bruddah.
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Ladybug
So cute!
Arbor Hills Wasp Nest
My bro also found this wasp (?) nest, which was scarily close to the area where we stepped through when emerging from the woods. I took only a few snaps of this then left! No extra time spent here!
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Dragonfly
Blue dragonflies are my favorite! They’re such a cool, electric blue. I’m always amazed by these colors that can be found in nature.

We saw other animals during our walk: squirrels, a bluejay, cracked snail shells, bees, and many many butterflies. However, my attempts at taking photos of them didn’t turn out as well as the ones I shared above! Macro photography is hard (my quads were burning while I squatted down to take flower pictures), but so rewarding. I was very excited to see which one of these turned out NOT blurry as soon as I got home. There’s still much more left to learn, and I’m curious to hear about your own macro or nature photography experiences!

What kinds of subjects do you like to take photos of?

Thanks for reading!

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