Beach Day at Miami Beach

Beach Day at Miami Beach

I’m baaack!! Ah, there’s nothing like a good trip to inspire my writing/photography juices again. This time, I’m in Miami with April for a short self-induced spring break vacation. We spent yesterday beach-bumming at the infamous Miami Beach – named one of the best beaches in America, apparently. The rest of time was spent walking around the South Beach island. Come explore with us:

I love, love, LOVED the architecture and pastel colors of the buildings around here. They are so fun! One row of colorful buildings reminded me of Cali’s painted ladies. This is how I imagine Palm Springs to look like. But I’ve yet to see this hip wonderland for myself to verify my guess.

Miami South Beach

First things first, lunch at Puerto Sagua:

Gettin' a taste of that #cubancuisine ??? #hellomiami #miamifood #beachbound #oceandrive

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After eating a big meal, of course the most reasonable thing to do is go to the beach. #nojudgment

I can hear the ocean at this point
Getting closer…

I'm in Miami, trick ?? #springbreak #ofcourseitsraining #miamibeach #beachdayeveryday

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One more obligatory beach pic, because why not ? #vacationmode #beachbum #miamibeach #miamilife

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Miami South Beach

Miami South Beach

Found these beautiful feral cats in a side street! How are stray cats so pretty and keep so clean…?

Miami Beach Cats

Attempting to make friends. Affections were not returned.


MOAR architecture:

Miami Beach House
My dream house is this color. We’ll see how that goes.
Miami Beach Car
Sweet ride, dude.

Miami Beach Architecture

Miami Beach

As a friend from home pointed out after seeing my Snapchats, yes, the pics look kind of dark. This is because it was forecasted to rain this entire weekend! Of course Miami would hide its sunshine when that was the one thing I came here for. Boo! But we were lucky – it didn’t rain while we were out on the beach. God answered that prayer of mine! Now I’m going to continue to pray for no rain the rest of the time I’m here…


This meal was totally not from South Beach. But it was where we had for dinner after everyone raved about how awesome Versaille’s Cuban food is. They were right. It’s awesome.

Have you been to Miami? Where did you explore?

Thanks for reading!

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  • You’re back!!! Beautiful pictures, as always! I’m loving all the pastel coloured architecture…can Dallas adopt more of that?

    • Yes I am! Thank you 🙂 Ahaha honestly it’d be kind of weird if Dallas looked so colorful. I think I’m too used to its modern/futuristic looking skyline. And it makes visiting places like these all the more special, don’t you think?

  • I’d love to visit Miami! It looks so colorful and fun. (With fabulous food.)

    <3 Have Ashley, Will Travel