Between Ocean and Mountains in Garrapata State Park

We made a quick stop in Garrapata State Park since we were going to pass through it anyway on the drive down from Point Lobos to Big Sur. On one side of the road was the ocean; on the other side were mountains. Man, where else could I find such a diverse land? Once again Californians, I’m sooo jealous of your state!

California Trees on Foggy Day

Garrapata State Park Ocean California
Thar’s the ocean!

Garrapata State Park California

We decided to explore further inland. After crossing the road, sure enough, there were the mountains:

Garrapata State Park California

Snack break!

We walked along a quiet hiking trail for a bit (and encountered only 2 other hiking groups). It was my kind of hike – out in the open air with no trees or bushes in front of my face to hack off!

Garrapata State Park Mountains

Garrapata State Park Cacti on Mountain
Cacti were EVERYWHERE. Gotta be careful where you walk!

Before I knew it, we were walking right in between the mountains. I was surprised to see them up close, because we initially entered a flat, open field where the mountains seemed far away. They were pretty awesome though; I felt like I was in the middle of a Lord of the Rings scene (New Zealand, you’re next on my bucketlist!).

Garrapata State Park Mountain
Just soak in this view.
“Lisa, I want to look little!”

We didn’t spend a whole lot of time in this state park, because we had more miles to cover that day. So, I’m sure we saw only a tiny fraction what it had to offer, which I why I want to ask: Have you been Garrapata State Park? What other sights do you recommend seeing? I’m hoping to keep your answers in mind should I drive this route again!

Thanks for reading! All photocred goes to Lisa.

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