Biking in Amsterdam and its Countryside

Normally, I refuse to bike in big cities (New York? No way). There are too many possibilities of crashing. Or death. Heck, I didn’t even ride a bike in college because I was afraid of ramming into people. But when I learned of a bike tour around Amsterdam where we got to ride and picnic in its countryside, I was sold. It sounded so relaxing and picturesque – sign me up!

amsterdam bike tour

Except as I found out, biking in the city ain’t easy. The problem wasn’t cars, but other bikers! Amsterdam is obviously a biking city. Everyone bikes. So that made the whole “I’m not sure about this biking thing” less intimidating. But bikers there were also not afraid to raze down pedestrians or crappy bikers!

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There weren’t a whole lot of opportunities to stop and take pictures, which is why I took a video with my GoPro as I biked (and the occasional iPhone pic)…but didn’t realize until too late that the bike mount didn’t swivel. So! The following video will be a one-sided view of Amsterdam from my bike (lol): 

A quick explanation of our route: we first biked through the city.

Magere Brug Amsterdam
Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) – the most famous bridge in Amsterdam. This wooden drawbridge was once so narrow that it was hard for two pedestrians to pass each other. A wider bridge replaced the narrow original in 1871. (Iamsterdam)

amsterdam Magere Brug boats

And then boarded a ferry with our bikes to cross over to the countryside.

Seeing real Dutch windmills this time (versus in California’s Little Denmark, Solvang)
Amsterdam countryside
Whoo, cows!!


Biking through the #Amsterdam countryside! ? #realcountry #farmlife #travel #Europe #Holland #Netherlands A photo posted by Jessica @ WONDERMENTARY (@itsjpei) on

What made me facepalm was when I sent the pic above to my dad and he told me it looked like Amarillo, TX. So you’re telling me I traveled halfway across the world to see something that’s a few hours away from home?!

After a picnic and more biking in the countryside, we boarded the ferry back to the city. In total, the tour was ~25 miles! I don’t think I’ve ever biked that much in my life! But it was such a fulfilling accomplishment that it was worth having a sore butt the next day! 😀

Do you like to bike? Where are your favorite places/cities to bike around?

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P.S. Biking still not your cup of tea? Try a Walking Tour of Amsterdam!

  • That biking tour sounds like so much fun, but I completely understand how it could be scary! We biked the Golden Gate Bridge last year and the hardest part was making sure you didn’t run over pedestrians or into other bikers.

    • Yes, that’s always my concern! I walked across the Golden Gate before and only remember it being so windy that I was looking down with my hair in my face. Hope you had better views!

  • Justine

    I did the walking tour in Amsterdam, but would’ve loved to have done a biking tour as well because it looks so fun! Our tour guide also told us that bikers are pretty ruthless and that if you hear a bell, run like hell or else haha.

    • Your tour guide was right! Mine said that the bikers there are crazy! But then it was fun being one of them 🙂

  • Haha! I am always amazed too.. and frightened when I see bikers in New York – how do they not die?! But biking in Amsterdam looks wonderful! I’m personally not a big fan of biking for the same reasons you’ve mentioned. But I would be willing to give it a shot for views like this!


    • Oh yeah I admire those NY bikers. Biking in Amsterdam was ok because everybody there biked! So they had pretty good roads for bikers too. I encourage you to try it!

  • I did a bike tour when I was in Amsterdam too! Except we took a train out of the city before we started the tour! We went to a cheese shop, a clog-making shop, passed some beautiful windmills and country scenery…it was definitely the #1 highlight of my time in Amsterdam!

    and PS – I tried to ride a bike in NYC once…LOL

  • Love these pictures! When I went biking in Amsterdam, I hit a tram…oops! haha

    • Thanks! Haha that would have be terrifying for me…but at least you made it out alive, right?

  • Sign me up! So awesome! I’m hesitant about biking in big cities too. Since I’m short, stopping requires me to get off my seat with my short legs and I’m always scared I’m going to not stop in time and hit something (like @jordanbeckwagner:disqus below, ha).

    • I mean, if you were gonna start biking in any city, Amsterdam is a good place to start since they’re all about those bikes!

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  • We love to take bike rides whenever we can, I think it’s sometimes the best way to see a place – although I haven’t done it in the city. For instance, I would never do it in London, it’s just too dangerous. But happily take your route into the Amsterdam countryside – love the photos and the video! Next time I go, I’ll make sure to do this! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

    • Thank you! This was my first city bike ride and I think I’d do it again (with a guide, of course). Where do you ride?

  • Kim

    Ooooh that’s so cool that you took that video of your bike tour, even if it was only one sided 😉 hehe.

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