I did my research before leaving for Amsterdam (WoW has a great city guide) and knew that Bloemenmarkt, the only floating flower market in the world, had to go on my to-do list. It sounded so cool – the flower stalls stood on houseboats. After a biking tour of Amsterdam and its countryside, I went to check it out. It definitely did not disappoint! The flower market was an overwhelming abundance of colors and smells:

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Seeds, bulbs fresh flowers, fake flowers, knick-knack souvenirs, magic beans, grow-your-own-cannabis kits…they’ve got them all.

bloemenmarkt amsterdam

It was such a shame that I couldn’t bring back these plants…or colorful flower pots for when I will (eventually) get some house plants!

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market Pots
How awesome would it be to have one in each color?

I also discovered the secret on how these flowers looked so fresh – they’re made of wood.

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

Don’t the roots of this bonsai tree look funny? When I showed the picture to my brother, he said they looked like mandrakes. Haha I’ll have to agree.

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market
It’s like it sprouted legs and ready to run off…

And finally, my favorites – the little cacti!!

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market Cacti

These looked SO much cooler and more colorful than the measly little cacti that I had in college (which btw, died). I was so sad that I couldn’t buy them all!

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market Cacti

Amsterdam Bloemenmarkt Flower Market

I had an excellent time browsing Bloemenmarkt! It was a great place to see and photograph (though be warned, some stalls do not allow it). If only we had more of these things in the states! My desk would be overflowing with mini cacti…

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What are your favorite kinds of plants? Do you have flower markets around your town?

Thanks for reading!

  • Wow, love all of the colours and so many pretty flowers. I love the fact that these are floating too, that’s so unique. In London we have a huuuuge flower market called Columbia Road Flower Market, it’s pretty fantastic and even better if you go just before it shuts as they reduce all of the prices 🙂

  • A floating flower market sounds like the coolest thing ever! All of the colors are amazing, and your brother is totally right, it looks exactly like a mandrake. Definitely adding this to my list of places to go in Amsterdam!

    • It really was! So many sights and smells to take in! I’m glad you’re inspired to go now.

  • I love cacti!! Those plants totally look like mandrakes — all the more reason to buy one, right? Loved your pictures!


    • Thanks Deepti! If I lived there, I’d go ham buying random and weird-looking plants. So I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t..?

  • Such pretty and colorful photos! I would hardly be able to resist buying a cactus or two. They’re so cute!!

  • emi

    love love love! we were just there and this is one of my favorite stops!


  • So much prettiness going on! I’m not sure if that is even a word ha! Love the roots on that one bonsai! It totally does look like a mandrake!

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  • Great pics! Such a colourful market.!

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