It’s Bluebonnet Season in Texas!

April showers bring May flowers…or if you’re a little impatient like me, April bluebonnets! Since moving back to Texas, I’m finding more and more things to take pride of in this state of mine. One of them is our state’s flower, bluebonnets, that peak in April. After several rainy weekends, I finally made it out to Ennis, the “bluebonnet city of Texas” with Vicky to take some Pinterest-worthy pictures! It turned out to be the ultimate girl date, which irrevocably ended with wine, duh. Here’s how to make an afternoon out of visiting Ennis, Texas!


Ennis Texas Bluebonnet Fields

This also turned into the high school photoshoot that I never had…



So don’t let these pictures fool you. About 10 minutes into it, my nose was running and my eyes swelled with tears. I totally forgot that I was allergic to, oh, a gazillion different kinds of plants and grasses. Whoops. But I made it this far and nothing was going to stop me from enjoying Ennis, dammit!

Ennis Texas Bluebonnet Fields

Oh to run free…


Ennis Texas Bluebonnet Fields
I wonder what it must be like to live here? Sure, it seems like a paradise now, but I bet it blows when you want a midnight burger in the winter and there’s nothing but you and horses for miles around…


Obviously not bluebonnets. Does anyone know what kind of flower this is? They grew together with the bluebonnets.





On the way to this field, we saw a “winery” sign. Um, YES PLEASE??

So after our photoshoot, we drove a bit farther and gave a shout of joy when we saw the Sugar Ridge Winery “open” sign.

It seemed like it was THE place to go after frolicking in the fields, as everyone that I saw out there ended up at the winery. It turned out to be a great decision – their $6 (!!) wine tasting was such a steal. The whites were especially tasty!


This turned out to be a fantastic outing (minus my allergies)! I have got to explore Texas’s nature scene more – any suggestions on where to go next?

Pro tips on taking pictures in a bluebonnet field:

  • Go mid-April if you can. This is when the bluebonnets peak (and Ennis has their annual bluebonnet festival).
  • Photo opportunities are across from 1000 Sugar Ridge Rd and on Andrews Rd. Basically, we entered 1000 Sugar Ridge Rd into Google maps, found it, and drove until we found a field with other people taking pictures in it. More maps can be found on Ennis’s website.
  • Two words: Allergy. Meds. Nature can be a beautiful betch.
  • You’re going to be sitting on grass and other prickly stuff. Shorts (yes, I was wearing shorts underneath – are you kidding me?) are the way to go.

What sorts of springtime activities do you like to do?

Thanks for reading!