Brooklyn Botanic Garden

In the midst of Brooklyn is this wonderful place – Brooklyn Botanic Garden – that is like a mini getaway within the crazy, busy city. It is beautiful, peaceful, quiet, and full of greenery. What better place to spend a Saturday morning?

Brooklyn botanic garden
This is the perfect place to chill, no?

I found the roof garden to be really cool. It seems like everyone is into green roofs and roof gardens these days.

roof garden
This kid just plopped down in exasperation after his mom made him take a bunch of pictures of her. Haha, I feel you kid!
To the roof
To the roof! This pose of mine really reminds me of senior portraits…

The Japanese pond was nice as well. There were turtles and koi inside.

red japanese pond

japanese pond
Who are those two specs in the distance?? 😛

Just as the sign says, the Shakespeare Garden was full of plants mentioned in The Bard’s plays.

white plant bee

thorny plant

white lily flower

clary sage

small pink flowers

From there, we wandered into the children’s corner, straight into…

worm station

JPei at Worm Station
Gotta play with worms while I’m here, right?

My worm “pooped” on me, releasing a neon yellow liquid from one end. The girl working the station told me, however, that it’s just a chemical the worm releases when it’s frightened. Sorry, dude.

Finally, we reached the rose garden. It was really colorful and beautiful. The ornate arches and deck really contributed to a Victorian feel.

Rose Garden

rose garden
The garden
red pink rose
Ah, an English rose. Jk I have no idea what kind of rose this is

red rose flowers

pink flower bee
I have taken many pictures of these kinds of flowers. But this might be one of my favorite shots – the yellow bee looks so good together with the pink petals!
I am queen of hand-on-hip posing!
I am queen of hand-on-hip posing!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. They had the cutest little plants in the gift shop:

hanging planters
Omg! Such adorable planters!
small plants
I love everything on this table. If only…
  • One of my favorite spots in the city! great in the winter too.

    • Yes I’m sure it looks gorgeous in the winter too, with all the snow! Thanks for stopping by!

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    • Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by.

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