Cafe Osage in St. Louis

I was searching for restaurants unique only to St. Louis to take my fam when they came for my graduation. Cafe Osage turned out to be just that – unique! Scroll down to see…

So it turned out to be both a plant shop and cafe. I found out that it is officially called Bowood Farms with the complementary cafe inside. This botanic and restaurant combo was so extraordinary that even my dad wanted a picture inside!

Cafe Osage St. Louis
One side, a garden shop.
The other, a cafe!

Cafe Osage was mainly a sandwich shop, and I was very pleased with my sandwich choice:

The only problem I had was that the service was extremely slow. However, we arrived early enough that I made it to my graduation ceremony on time. Cynical life lesson: always assume the worst and plan around it…

Since we were separated from the garden shop by only a divider, it was easy to catch glimpses of the other side:

Bowood Farms Cafe Osage St. Louis

Bowood Farms St. Louis

The place sort of exuded a hipster, “Free People,” organic (and similar adjectives – you know what I mean) vibe.

Bowood Farms Cafe Osage St. Louis

It seems that succulents are all the rage these days, and I get why after seeing how cute they look altogether:

Bowood Farms Succulents St. Louis

One last pic of its outside, then I was off to go graduate!

Cafe Osage St. Louis

I think this would also be a really cute place for a girl-friend brunch + shopping trip. Who knows, maybe I’ll make that happen the next time I visit St. Louis!

Have you been to Cafe Osage, or any other unique restaurants lately?

Thanks for reading!