Canoeing in Central Park

It feels really weird writing this post because I’m sitting at home in Texas recounting the time I went canoeing in Central Park with Tracy and Cal but it seems like it was ages ago. Except our trip was only last Sunday, but I arrived home from New York this morning so it feels like I’m in an alternate reality right now.

Tracy came to visit NYC from Boston after a summer of taking difficult organic chemistry classes. So, she came to spend a relaxing weekend in the city…only to find out that she’ll be rowing us two upperclassmen around Central Park lake for an hour. We love you Tracy! 😛

boathouse central park
The boathouse

Look how happy she is! Clearly rowing us around is fun!!
Look how happy she is! Clearly rowing us around is fun!!

Seeing the city from the water was phenomenal. While we were surrounded by greenery, bits of skyscrapers peeked out behind treetops to create a juxtaposition between man & nature.

central park new york city boating canoeing
This is the closest you’ll get to “nature” in the city.

boating central park new york city

new york city central park canoe

Too bad I forgot to bring my parasol (I actually have one from China! Except it’s at home in Texas.). Thankfully this woman remembered hers:

canoe central park new york city
They’re doin’ it right.

I think Cal took more photos of the nature around us, like ducks and turtles. But I, If you couldn’t tell already, loved taking photos of the city from our vantage point on the water. So let me share more of my beloved cityscape photos!!

central park new york city boat canoeing

new york city central park lake
This shot has got to be one of my favorites from all the ones I took. The sky looks ominous and mysterious and another feeling there that I just can’t explain…

new york city central park canoeing

Some lucky people got to ride on a gondola. Earlier (we think) someone proposed to his girl this way, and judging from the public’s applause, it went well.

gondola central park boat
I can’t wait to actually try one myself – but in Venice!

We passed by this statue and took pictures by it on the way to canoeing, but now we got to see it from the water’s side.

fountain central park
People watching people-watching.

It looks like I’ll end this post with this iPhone selfie of the three of us:

I guess you could say I had fun with these goofs :P
I guess you could say I had fun with these goofs.

Just remember, if you ever go canoeing, bring your own rower 😉

Have you ever gone canoeing in Central Park?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. What else to do in Central Park: Biking in Central ParkWalk, Eat, Shop. Repeat.

UPDATE: Well whaddaya know, a year later I got that gondola ride in Venice that I always wanted: Time for a Gondola Ride!

  • I grew up there and did that in high school. =) My husband fulfillled his dream of riding his unicycle in Central P when he finally made it across the country to NYC for the first time to ask my father for permission to marry me. =) Fun post & pix.

    • Aww how sweet! Thanks for sharing and dropping by.

  • OMG! I’ve always wanted to go on the gondola ride in this pond. It looks so romantic. I love Central Park! XO Jessi

    • You should totally go! Then blog about it!

  • What a lovely view of the city! For all the times I’ve been to Central Park, I’ve never taken a boat ride. Next time for sure!

    • Yeah you should try it! Just go on a day that’s not so hot…

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