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  • How to Plan a Trip With Friends

    How to Plan a Trip With Friends

    A reader of WONDERMENTARY recently asked how I planned my trips. Girl, you’ve come to the right person, because I’ve certainly had my fair share of planning trips with friends by now. This can be a tricky business, as everyone has different ideas on what they want to do, but there may not be enough time to […]

  • Texas
  • Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

    Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

    Man, I cannot get that song out of my head whenever the best festival of the year rolls around – Dallas’s one and only Scarborough Renaissance Festival! It’s seriously the best thing we have in May. If you’ve never been to one of these things, you’re in for a treat. I thought that for this third time around, I’ll […]

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  • It’s Bluebonnet Season in Texas!

    It's Bluebonnet Season in Texas!

    April showers bring May flowers…or if you’re a little impatient like me, April bluebonnets! Since moving back to Texas, I’m finding more and more things to take pride of in this state of mine. One of them is our state’s flower, bluebonnets, that peak in April. After several rainy weekends, I finally made it out to Ennis, the “bluebonnet […]