A Charming Little Town: Carmel-by-the-Sea

Since the small town Carmel was only 15 minutes away from Monterey, we of course, had to stop by. It’s only 1 square mile – the perfect size to just walk around and explore. However, we learned the hard way that all shops closed at 5 pm (#beachtownproblems), so we were only able to window shop. Looking on the bright side, though, we pretty much got the entire place to ourselves!

Carmel California Shopping Plaza


Carmel California Shopping Plaza

Little plazas and squares were all over, but you have to be adventurous to find them! A lot of them were tucked away behind unassuming archways and alleys.

Carmel California Shopping Plaza
Be a little curious, and then you are rewarded with this. Sooo nice!

Lion Fountain in Carmel California

Another plaza:

I asked Jiwon to go sit there, otherwise the place looked too empty, lol.

Our version of window shopping: taking photos of all the pretty things!

The Mole Hole Shop Carmel California

Tiger Lilly Florist Carmel California
A monkey plant?! Someone get me one for my future house-warming party, please

When we turned the corner into here, I thought we were in Greece or something. Everything looked like the stuff of movies (or at least, my impression of what Greek villages look like based off The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants xD).

Pretending we’re actual customers…

California friends described this town as “quaint” and “cute” to me; after seeing it for myself, I can wholly agree.

Carmel California Shops

Carmel California Graffiti Wall

Carmel California Coffee Pastries
This window display was most enticing…

Luca Carmel California

So that was my experience with Carmel! If I go again, I’ll know to go out before 5 pm…that afternoon nap could always wait!

Have you been to Carmel before? Where were your favorite places to eat and shop?


P.S. We ate breakfast at From Scratch the next morning, and apparently Guy Ferrari from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives had a meal there too! Only difference was, he had a much more savory meal than I (biscuits with sausage gravy). I don’t get to eat crab omelettes very often, so I got one without hesitation!

From Scratch Restaurant Breakfast Carmel California
Crab omelette. Mmm.


  • Such a gorgeous place, love your photos! 🙂 Very well captured.

    • Thank you! Very true, Carmel is a beautiful little town.

  • Awe Carmel is such a pretty town! I’ve never been but have always wanted to visit. Houses there cost more than some lottery jackpots!

    • It’s so cute and pretty; you’d like it. Yep, I can believe that about the houses…

  • This town is sooo cute!
    I really love these little plazas, it seems so quiet and beautiful at the time.
    And I just can agree with you when you say it looks like Greece!

    • It was so nice and quiet because everything was closed, haha. Have you been to Greece?

      • Ahah this must also be true 🙂
        Unfortunately not for the moment but it’s one of my dreams with Italy and the USA and I hope I’ll be able to plan it for the next years 🙂 But according to me, it looks like the vision I’ve from Greece with its white houses near the ocean 🙂

        • That’s great! I heard cruises to Greek are pretty nice. Where in the US do you want to go?

          • Yes they must be! I firts want to see California and the West Coast, it seems so beautiful 🙂 I’m also curious about Texas, Louisiana and Colorado. A long trip 😉

          • Haha I just did my west coast trip; it’s absolutley gorgeous. I’m also from Texas – so I can recommend some things to do should you ever visit. I’m actually going to Europe this summer and France will be one of my stops!

          • Oh yes, I’ll be eager to know what are the greatest places in Texas! And there are also so many different landscapes in France, I hope you”ll have the time to them. Are you going to visit Paris or elsewhere?

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  • Just stumbled across your blog – and thanks to you I’ve discovered where to have brunch when I visit Carmel in July. I think From Scratch will be perfect after a morning hike in Point Lobos.

    • That’s great! Hope you enjoy it.

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  • im in love with the architecture especially the roofs!!
    beautiful pics as always, sharp and clean xx


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  • Anna

    The only photos I have from Carmel are those at the cafe with that amazing display! Got cupcakes from there as well! Our main concern was finding somewhere to eat so we didn’t walk around much! We had dinner at a place called Flaherty’s off the main road which has seafood!

    • Haha wow that’s awesome! Totally shows how tiny this town is when someone else went to the same cupcake shop as us 😀

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