It’s exactly what it sounds like – a garden in the middle of a city! Only this is a sculpture garden, and one particular sculpture drew the attention of my friend who really, really wanted to go “see the bunnies,” aka large, white, marshmallow-looking rabbit statues:

Citygarden rabbit bunny statue sculpture

So this Saturday, we finally drove out to Citygarden for a senior girls photo shoot. I had a blast and took a ton of photos (finally pulled out the tripod) but am only able to share a handful of them because of privacy reasons. Nevertheless, the garden itself is gorgeous in the fall season and definitely worth looking at!

Citygarden in St. Louis during Fall Autumn
Our iconic arch <3
Citygarden in St. Louis Sculpture
Ummm this is art…
Citygarden in St. Louis during Fall Autumn
Once again. Fall in the Midwest is AWESOME!
Citygarden in St. Louis Pink Suit Statue
Oh, your city doesn’t have a huge, pink suit standing in the middle of office buildings?

This picture was one of my favorites! We drew inspiration from the Beatles, obviously:

Abbey Road Beatles album music Wikipedia
Walking Statues in Citygarden St. Louis
These figures were animated to seem like they’re walking. I should’ve made a GIF here, huh?

I have actually been to Citygarden once before when I visited St. Louis my senior year of high school. I remember my brother and I posing next to the statue above and shouting at our mom to “take our picture of us walking with them!” That, and the bunny statues were the only things that I remembered from that visit. Sigh…and this is why pictures act as my memory now.

Another group picture that I can share!
Red Leaves Tree during Fall in Citygarden St. Louis
God’s handiwork in nature is so splendid.
Pinocchio Statue in Citygarden St. Louis
I am freeee!
Thanks for taking this photo, Justine!
Metal Statue in Citygarden St. Louis
The metal pieces spun in the wind.

Man in Boat Sculpture in Citygarden St. Louis

Citygarden in St. Louis, Missouri

Never been to Citygarden? Well, hopefully after scrolling through my photos you’ll be inspired to put this on your St. Louis bucketlist. What are some of your city’s fun attractions?

Oh, and we completely missed this on our way into the garden, but couldn’t have missed on the way out:

Just a tad creepy.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. More sculpture gardens: Laumeier Sculpture Park, Socrates Sculpture Park, and Selfies & Sculptures at Millennium Park