On the Cobbled Streets of Oxford

One of my days in London was taken up by a visit to Oxford. It was a quaint little town steeped in history and tradition. While London felt like a modern metropolis, Oxford instantly transported me back hundreds of years with its cobblestone streets and looming spires.

Oxford United Kingdom

Oxford University Press

Of course while in Oxford, a visit to the world-famous university is a must. But that post is coming up next! For now, enjoy these pics of the picturesque town that will hopefully transport you back in time as well…

Lamp Oxford University

Well here’s a fun fact: when C.S. Lewis taught at Oxford, he stepped out on a cold, snowy winter day and saw that lamp post in the pic above – which inspired the Chronicles of Narnia series!

And close by was this decorative piece that became the inspiration for – you guessed it – Mr. Tumnus!

Mr. Tumnus Chronicles of Narnia Oxford

Right next to “Mr. Tumnus” was the face of Aslan. All of this was so exciting to me as I was a fan of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe since elementary school.

Aslan Mr. Tumnus Chronicles of Narnia Oxford

Oxford United Kingdom
Those wonderfully tall gothic spires I was talking about

Oxford United Kingdom

Oxford University United Kingdom

Bridge of Sighs, Oxford
Oxford’s Bridge of Sighs. I actually saw the real one in Venice on this trip too! Seeing both was so exciting for me.

I forget what this building was called, but I do know that it was where the infirmary in the Harry Potter movies was filmed!

Oxford Harry Potter Infirmary

Unfortunately locked 🙁

I tried to peep through the keyhole, but there wasn’t a whole lot that I could see…

Okay, here’s a secret: the telephone box outside of Westminster Abbey didn’t have a phone in it. So here’s take two, at Oxford, with a working telephone.

The building in the pic below is called Radcliffe Camera (where I later learned that “camera” means “room” in Latin). I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous after finding out that it was a library that students could freely use. What a place.

Radcliffe Camera

As I was wandering, I saw a sign in front of University Church of St. Mary that invited visitors in to see a spectacular view of Oxford for free. Sounded a little suspicious at first, but what have I got to lose? NOTHING. Especially not after seeing this:

Radcliffe Camera Oxford

Holy smokes. And I got to see Oxford from all directions:

Radcliffe Camera Oxford

Lincoln Brasenose College Oxford
Lincoln & Brasenose College
All Souls College Oxford
All Souls College
Oxford UK
The painted ladies of Oxford?

Oxford UK

I could really appreciate visiting Oxford, but I think it would have been too small of a town for me if I went for university (assuming I could get in, ha). It certainly had its charms, though, especially with the Harry Potter connections (even more to come in the next post!). 🙂

Have you ever been to Oxford? What did you like the most?

Thanks for reading!