Colorful Murals in the LA Arts District

Blogging has been a really cool way for me to read people’s stories from all over the world, connect & exchange ideas with other bloggers, and learn a variety of useful tips. One of these tips was to visit the LA Arts District when in LA. Based on this neighborhood guide,

“Laden with street art, brick walls, bridges and mostly empty streets, the landscape of the neighborhood makes for the perfect photo shoot. Wander for ten minutes in any given direction and you’re bound to end up photo bombing someone’s ad campaign or Instagram.”

So of course I wanted to go take a look! Here’s what I saw:

LA California Arts District Graffiti Mural

Why not give ourselves our own photoshoot while we were here? 😀

LA California Arts District Graffiti Mural

Photographer at werkkk

LA California Arts District Graffiti Mural

I guess this is what Jiwon’s “fierce” face looks like
Oh, don’t mind me, just standing here, pretending to look cool…

Some people across the street at this cafe were definitely staring at us as we took the photo above. Here’s what got me through those awkward photo moments the entire trip: “You’ll never see these people again!” – wise words from Jiwon.

LA Arts District Cafe

LA California Arts District Graffiti Mural

Jiwon was very drawn to this wall. “Go touch the elephant’s nose!”

Finally, we attempted a self-timer jumping photo. All I can say is…fail. Lol.

So we did individual shots instead 🙂

It feels like I saw only a very, very small portion of this neighborhood. I’m sure there were more murals and wall art waiting for us to find them, but we were on a time crunch. Only 36 hours in Los Angeles, remember?

Are there any cool/famous graffiti spots in your city?

Thanks for reading!

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