Columbus Circle Seen From Above

Now that my summer internship is over, I think it’s safe to share a few photos from the job site. I really can’t disclose too much, but I can post some exciting pictures of the views from work! FYI, I worked in this lovely building right here:


There’s no doubt that I lucked out on this internship. Every day I got to see breathe-taking views of the city from some 40+ stories up. On the last day of work I brought my DSLR (#noshame #tourist) and took photos from a perspective that I probably won’t ever get to see again unless I start making those 6-digit figures and buy my own apartment in there. Right…

I’ve already shared a couple photos of this southern edge of Central Park on Instagram…but here’s more pics in both sunny and cloudy conditions:

Central Park South
Central Park South
central park south
Personally, I like the cloudy pictures more! Everything seems sharper and more crisp…

central park new york city

Moving on to the south side:

columbus circle new york city
Like, whoa.
Columbus Circle new york city
Closer view of Columbus Circle

new york city buildings cityscape

Then on the west is the Hudson River/Jersey view:

new york city west hudson buildings
Another sunny/cloudy comparison.
new york city west hudson river buildings
Those saturated colors! <3
rooftop golf course new york city
Oh, and let’s not forget this rooftop golf course. #poshlife

In my time there I’ve never seen anybody use that golf course. But it’s the principal of having it that counts, right?

I feel so lucky to have been able to see the city from this awesome point of view every day. This has seriously been one of my best summers ever and I’m thankful for the opportunity to have worked and lived in New York. Don’t worry, you can count on me to visit again!

Thanks for reading!