Cruising Down the Seine River

Well this was a treat – after seeing the Eiffel Tower from Trocadero, I went on a Seine River cruise! “Cruise” may have been too misleading of a name because there was no endless food or flowing drink as on a cruise ship; it was just a boat ride on the Seine River. But I was very excited by this because I thought a “river cruise” was such a fancy, grown-up thing to do while on my last trip to Paris 8 years ago that I wanted to try it “when I grew up.” I daresay that now, 8 years later, counts (eep)!

Right after going above deck, it started to rain! I decided to rough it. No regrets there.

Seine River Paris

Well, when the rain stopped, the whole crowd came out again…

Seine River Cruise Paris

Seine River Cruise Paris

Love Lock Bridge Paris
There shall be no more love-locking

Perhaps not the best picture of Paris’s famous “love lock” bridge, but as you can clearly see above, they replaced it with…plastic walls?

Seine River Cruise Paris

The nice thing was, this cruise happened during sunset. But unfortunatley, I was a dumb-dumb and stood on the wrong side of the boat to capture it! I stood at the front of the boat with the sunset to my back, but if I had been on the other end, I could have gotten an unobstructed view of the sun setting. Why didn’t I just cross over? Because I realized my mistake too late and by then it was crowded as heck. So nearly all of my beautiful sunsets have tourists in them. Well we can’t have it all.

Sunset Seine River Paris

Replacing the love lock bridge ain’t gonna stop any one:

Seine River Bridge Paris

Seine River Notre Dame Paris
Back of the Notre Dame

Seine River Sunset Paris

My favorite sunset shot:

Sunset Seine River Paris

The colors were unreal!

Seine River Paris

Seine River Sunset Paris

I read over on Silently Free about the Pont Neuf bridge. I thought it looked vaguely familiar (did I go under it on my river cruise?), and my suspicions were confirmed when I saw the bridge in my own pictures:

Pont Neuf Bridge Seine River Paris

And here we are, back at the start.

Did I take a selfie while on the boat? Why yes, yes I did.

And the fun didn’t end there! After the river cruise, I went up the Eiffel Tower to see the city at night. Check it out!

The boat cruise was a neat way to see the city from a different perspective. I think I’d totally do it again, and during sunset, for that was truly magical.

What are your favorite things to do and see in Paris?

Thanks for reading!


  • So fun! I’ve gone on a few boat rides on the Seine while living in Paris. My visitors from the US loved it, and it is such a relaxing way to see the city from a new perspective. I’ve never done it at sunset though – how pretty!

    • Oh yes I want to take people next time! Did you ever wine and dine on the river cruises?

      • The only one I did was the Bateaux Mouches dinner cruise – it was on my first trip ever to Paris, and my hubby and I did it as a way to celebrate our anniversary. I loved it. Part of me wonders what I would think now – the food was good, but now that I know French food much better, I wonder how much I would enjoy it nowadays. But they served us wine and champagne, good food, everyone had private tables along the windows, live music, with views of Paris at night. It was pretty magical!

        • Whoa, that sounds super nice! I struggled with ordering food in France (can’t read the menu and didn’t know what to order). Maybe I should have done more research before leaving, heh.

  • Krista Barry

    How adorable is the umbrella?! Great photos!

  • oh god the authorities place a plastic wall to prevent any more locks?? a plastic wall? …. funny how people are still leaving love locks there anyway hahah

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  • Kim

    I remember reading that they were removing the locks, but the plastic wall seems so out of place 🙁 Looks like the river cruise was a wonderful way to get to see Paris! Love that shot of the sunset with all the purples and soft blues <3

    • Ugh yeah it was such a disappointment. They removed the love locks a week before I was supposed to go! And thanks, the river cruise was surprisingly great. I did not expect it to be so picturesque!

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