Nerd Out With Me at Dallas Fan Expo 2016

Dallas Fan Expo 2016

For the first time ever, Christina and I went to Dallas Fan Expo (our version of comic con) after YEARS of talking about going. This year was especially exciting for me because the actors who played the Weasley twins were coming! There were also other big-shot celebs coming (Stan Lee, for example), but the twins’ appearance sealed the deal for me. Can’t you tell that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan already?

I was so excited and nervous about getting a picture with James & Oliver Phelps that I didn’t capture any photos until after our photo op, haha. Well, here was the big moment:


It was literally 10 seconds of heaven. Step up, get into position, snap the pic, then…NEXT!

There was no time to meet or talk to them besides the generic “hello,” “thank you,” and “goodbye!” So if they were to come again next year (*hintcoughhint*), I’d probably skip the photo op and get an autograph, where I’d probably have a few more seconds to chat.

Another exciting celeb to see was Jack Gleeson, who played King Joffrey on Game of Thrones.

Jack Gleeson Dallas Fan Expo 2016

I expected him to be really awkward in this Q&A session because I heard that he didn’t like doing interviews. But he was surprisingly delightful (sorry Jack)!

Jack Gleeson Dallas Fan Expo 2016

All I could remember him talking about was his upcoming project (Youtube Channel for kids called Bears in Space??), that he preferred mayo over ranch (apparently there’s not a lot of ranch in Ireland), and that the scene where they shot his death was incredibly complicated and in all, took approximately 48 hours to shoot.

Jack Gleeson Dallas Fan Expo 2016

He seemed to be a pretty cool guy; I don’t know why people are surprised by how nice he is. Well duh, he is nothing like his character Joffrey. It’s called acting. And thank God for that – we don’t need any more Joffreys in this world.

People-watching at Fan Expo is always entertaining. I didn’t get as many pictures of the cosplayers as I hoped – I was too busy walking/shopping and so were they.

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Costumes

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Costumes

But at least Christina and I each got to meet the characters of our choice:

A Deadpool who was incredibly in character
And King Joffrey himself! A+ getup ?

The shopping at this place was superb. Comic books, action figures, t-shirts, cosplay costumes, plushie llamas…you name the fan paraphernalia, they’ve got it.


Dallas Fan Expo 2016
Dexas Star ?

Photo ops galore!

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Roxy the Rancor


The best person I could’ve attended my first Fan Expo with!
Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Costumes
Caught someone’s eye…uh oh…

One of the most popular talks of the day was with Stan Lee, “Legendary Comic Creator:”

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Stan Lee

I actually had no idea who Stan Lee was before this. But after hearing him talk about how he came up with The Amazing Spiderman, named The Incredible Hulk, and explained why there’s only four in The Fantastic Four, I now know why he’s considered legendary. The man could tell a damn good story! He was also the most spirited and humorous nonagenarian I’ve ever seen.

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Stan Lee

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Stan Lee

Needless to say, I quickly became a fan of Mr. Stan the man.

No doubt Stan Lee was a tough act to follow. But I HAD to attend the Q&A session of whom I originally came here for – the twins:

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Phelps Twins
Good men – reppin’ Texas

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Phelps Twins

There were the usual Harry Potter questions (what is your favorite spell, potion, character, etc.). But I thought the most entertaining tidbit was learning about their backstage pranks! They got annoyed with this one make-up artist who repeatedly told them where she was going on vacation. So, to mess with her while she was on vacation, they called her and convinced her that she owed a parking ticket of 1000 pounds. Hahaha, don’t mess! Except karma got Oliver back a few weeks later when a stylist dyeing his eyebrows red forgot about him and burned them off. Ouch.

Dallas Fan Expo 2016 Phelps Twins
How cute are they? ? But both are taken, ladies.

At the end of the day, I was actually sad that Fan Expo was over. All I had to look forward to the next day was…work?! That was the moment when I understood why people would go to this thing for three days in a row! It’s so fun and you never want the fantasy to end! I think another visit to Fan Expo is in store next year…

Have you been to Comic Con or Fan Expo? In which city? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading!

My bff and I, just being the superheroes that we are 😉
  • Nikki Kumar

    Hi Jessica 😀 Do you plan on posting a blog about how you plan your traveling adventures?

    • Hey Nikki, thanks for the suggestion! Is there anything in particular you’d like to know about?

      • Nikki Kumar

        Not really, whatever you feel is best! I’m not great at planning trips and wanted to get better at it so that I could get the most out of them with friends.

  • OMG! I’ve been wanting to go to this so badly, but I couldn’t afford to at that moment (special thanks to college summer semester fees being due). But it’s okay…I got to kind of, sort of live through the experience through this post! Thanks for sharing! I really wanted to meet Chloe Bennet from Agents of Shield and Freema Agyeman from Doctor Who. I had no idea the Phelps twins were there too (I can picture my wallet dying slowly if I went to this though, so much time to nerd out). 🙂 PS. Love the pictures with Groot and BB-8!