Dallas Pop-Up Cat Cafe

Happy Monday, y’all! Why is it a happy Monday? Because…CATS!

Over the weekend I went to this “pop-up” cat cafe in Dallas. It was a pet-store-turned-“cat-cafe” where we got to drink coffee and play with cats. I’ve been to a real cat cafe before in Korea, so I wanted to see what one would be like in the States.

For one, there were less cats. While there were like, 20 cats in the Korean cat cafe, a total of 9 kitties hung out with us in the room. All of these cats were up for adoption, though. Some were extremely elusive! I pet a few of the cats that were easier to reach; one of my favorites was Hot Wings:

Cat Connection Dallas Cafe
Hot Wings

This was me (internally) the whole time…

Cat Connection Dallas Cafe
Pet me, human.

Another shy kitty was hiding in a cubby, but had no problem with us scratching and pampering it:

Cat Connection Dallas Cafe

Not so easy to reach, haha!

Cat Connection Dallas Cafe

And then I met my first celebrity cat (yes, I cannot believe that’s a thing now), Sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut Cat Connection Dallas
Those eyes!! :O

Didn’t see why she was called Grumpy Cat’s newest competitor until this moment:

Sauerkraut Cat Connection Dallas
Yeeep, I understand it now.

Like a true celebrity, Sauerkraut had her own room, strollers, and press reporters. Yeah, there were reporters and a camera guy in there with us. Hey, maybe we’ll make the local news! (lol)

Sauerkraut Cat Connection Dallas
And the cutest little outfit

And like a true celebrity, she was showered with lots of our attention.

So I guess I didn’t pay enough attention to the “pop-up” description about this “cat cafe.”

Cat Connection Lovecup Dallas

Compared to my experience in Korea, this wouldn’t technically be a cat cafe. I mean, the Korean cat cafe was literally a cafe where customers could sit down, drink coffee, and play with cats that roamed freely around. The hygienic rules were stricter too; we had to take off our shoes and wear sanitary slippers before going inside. We, on the other hand, played with the cats in the back room of a pet supplies shop. However, I understand that this Dallas one was a weekend benefit event for Operation Kindness (yay). So it’s best to go in with no expectations! I at least got my cat fix!!

Unintentionally (sort of) twinning.

Are there cat or dog cafes in your city?

Thanks for reading!

  • Oh my gosh how funny! I’m originally from Tokyo and when I went back home earlier this year, there were a few cat-cafes and some dog-cafes! I’m allergic to cats unfortunately but I was definitely tempted to go into the dog-cafes 🙂 Super cute outfit on you too! xo

    • Oh that’s so neat! I know that these animal cafes originated in Japan, so I’d love to go to one if/when I visit. You should’ve gone! Thanks for dropping by!

  • Aawww I wish we had cat or dog cafes by us! But then again, I would probably never leave it. Haha. I had no idea there were other “celebrity cats,” besides Grumpy Cat. Haha. Too funny.


    • Me too; they’re much more popular in Asia (I think the states has too many legal restrictions). And yeah, we have officially reached the Animal Celebrity Age. Kind of ridiculous!

  • I don’t think we have any cat or dog cafe’s in Chicago, although I really really really wish we had a dog cafe here. I’ve never been allowed to have pets so it’d probably help me get over my mourning of a pet-deprived childhood! All those cats look lovely. Grumpy Cat definitely has a run for its money

    xo, endlesspostcards.com

    • See, I didn’t have pets growing up either. And animal cafes are the perfect fix – all the fun without the responsibility 😛

  • ah no…no cat cafes in Athens, but we have so many stray cats…so many! (it’s unhygenic to pet them though…)

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