¡Fiesta Time! St. Louis Hispanic Festival

While on the way Soulard Farmer’s Market, my friends and I stumbled upon the Greater St. Louis Hispanic Festival. It was a pleasant surprise, as I had no idea that it was going on this weekend, let alone right next to the farmer’s market. However, I’m not going to complain when there’s good/authentic Hispanic food available right next to me!

hispanic festival st louis soulard

hispanic festival st louis soulard

soulard hispanic festival st louis stl

kids sweater animal cute
Aren’t these adorable?! I’d totally dress up my future kids in these things.
The cutest little thing ever! Also, I promise I don’t go around taking rando pics of children (often)…it’s all done in the name of “street photography!”

fruit loop popcorn colorful food

We first scavenged for food before actually looking at all the goods that were around us. I ended up getting a chicken/beef burrito that I was oh-so-thankfully able to taste since I was still getting over a cold that blocked my sense of taste and smell for the past few days.

Then these two got a winning picture as Juan & Carlita (Yes, I totally made up “Juan & Carlita.” But it’s kind of fitting for Ethan and Sarah, don’t you think?):

After exploring the actual Soulard farmer’s market (separate post coming up!) for a while, we wandered back out through the Hispanic festival again.

bakery hispanic festival soulard st louis stl

colorful banners flags hispanic festival st louis stl

mexican novelties guitars bags

dreamcatcher hispanic festival st louis
Let’s end with a dream, shall we?

What cultures are around you in your city? Have you been to a cultural celebration before?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Soulard Farmers Market