My First Time Blueberry Picking

Last weekend, I went blueberry picking for the first time! I heard that June & July was blueberry season, so I wanted to try my hand at picking my own at Blueberry Hill Farms.

That picture of my dad in his “farmer’s hat” cracks me up every time, haha! But he was right for making us all bring hats in this 100+ degree weather.

Blueberry Farm Edom TX

So here’s what I discovered:

Blueberry Hills Farm Texas

Almost all of the bushes were picked clean! I warned my dad against coming too late in the month after everyone else has already taken their pick. So here’s a tip: arrive sooner! Like the first week of July!

While the number of blueberries was not abundant, we managed to find a few stragglers.

Blueberry Hills Farm Texas

After about 10 minutes out in the field, my dad asked if we were ready to go. Um, no?? He thought the berries were too small and not worth picking. But since this was my brother’s and my first time, we were determined to stay!

So out under the hot Texas sun we go (as he waited for us inside the air-conditioned country shop, lol).

We hunted mostly in the back of the fields where we hoped people were too lazy to walk to.

Blueberry Hills Farm Texas

And we were right, that’s where we found most of the leftover berries. But they were nestled deep in the bushes or close to the ground. Well, as they say, no pain no gain. Except for when the early bird gets the worm. That’ll be me next time!

Growing Blueberries
Some were still babies

After about 45 minutes, we got tired of the heat (mainly, I got tired of my sweat dripping into my bucket haha) and called it quits.

Blueberry Hills Farm Blueberries
Turned out to be around a pound

I have a feeling that at the beginning of the season, those bushes would be covered with blueberries. Forget reaching through scratchy branches and stooping down to pick a handful of berries; next time I’m coming earlier to rake it all in! Bwahahaha!

My favorite part was drinking a refreshing glass of blueberry lemonade before the long drive home. And eating the freshly picked berries. The fruits of my labor have never tasted so sweet! 🙂

Have you ever been fruit picking? What’s your favorite season?

Thanks for reading!


  • Loved the pictures, and way to go for sticking it out in the heat! I probably would’ve called it quits after 10 minutes, too. Haha. However, I’ve always wanted to try strawberry picking. There is a huge strawberry farm by my parents house that people just go crazy for when they are in season (which was a few weeks ago, I think). Maybe next year!


    • Thanks! I’ve never been strawberry picking, but I imagine that’d also be pretty fun. Where is that farm?

  • N ysha

    Looks like you guys had a great time ^____^ I’ve always wanted to try blueberry picking!

  • Blueberries are my favorite fruit! I would have loved this!!! 🙂

  • Seems like such a cute family activity. I’ve never gone blueberry picking but I’ll hopefully go apple picking in the fall!


    • Oh have you been before? Apple picking is fun! Mostly because I start munching on them while I’m still “picking” 😉

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  • Kim

    I didn’t realize blueberries were green when they were growing! They sort of look like mini pumpkins!

    • Me neither! Then they turn pinkish red before a ripe blue. Just don’t eat them when they’re red or you’ll feel sick 😐

  • Well the only fruits that I “pick” are oranges as we own a small plot of land with orange trees! Fruit picking isn’t a thing in Greece unless you own the place! Haha!!

    • Haha well then I guess I’m glad that we have generous farmers who allow the public to pick from their fields!

  • We picked blueberries last week in the 100 degree ++ weather too. Blueberry season is a bit later here in Ontario, Canada, so the bushes were ripe and full the last week of July. It was a lovely day out finished with freshly made blueberry frozen yogurt!

    • Glad that y’all timed it well! That froyo sounds delicious too, did you follow a particular recipe? I’ve just been eating mine by the handful 🙂

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