First Time at Sea World Orlando

If you’ve never been to Sea World before, Sea World Orlando is a pretty good place to start. This was the case for April who had never been to Sea World, so it was the best place for us to kill an afternoon in Orlando!

As a long-time veteran of Sea World San Antonio (see blog posts 1 and 2), I couldn’t help but compare that one to the one in Orlando. In general, Sea World Orlando is waaay bigger. Aquariums, rides, animal encounters, shows – they have them all! You can definitely get a wholesome oceanic experience here.

Lemme outtt!
Aquarium “selfie” (someone ended up helping us out)
Flamingos that were way closer to visitors than they should be
Once I got over my fear of stingrays, now I CAN’T STOP TOUCHING THEM! ? They’re so squishy and smooth!!

Then we watched the dolphins for a while in anticipation for later when we got to interact with them!

Sea World Dolphin Encounter

Also spent a good amount of time watching the manatees. They’re so slow and peaceful…I could watch them forever.

Sea World Orlando Manatees
Baby manatees! ?

All these manatees are rescues. I was surprised to learn that Sea World’s job is only to bring them back to full health and it’s the government’s decision to determine when they can be released back into the wild.

Sea World Orlando Manatees
This girl is 3000 pounds. 3000 POUNDS!
Sea World Orlando Manatees
Gentle vegetarians
Sea World Orlando Manatees
I just want to ride on the back of one, as Mei does on Totoro…
Sea World Orlando Turtle
Crush living next door

Finally, our dolphin encounter! Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed so I only have the few that we paid a pretty penny for…

We got to pretend we were trainers and signaled to them.

Sea World Orlando Dolphin Encounter

As well as get “kissed” by a dolphin.

Touristing hard ?? #dolphinencounter #seaworldorlando #touristlife

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But we got to take pictures all we wanted at the end!

Interestingly enough, these dolphins were born and raised at Sea World. Sounds a little inhumane to me. That swimming space is pretty big, but it’s no ocean. So is the park gonna continue with the trend and stop breeding animals altogether?

Visited another aquarium…this time with SHARKS!

Sea World Orlando Sharks

Took a little (ice-cream) break:

It's only reasonable to get #shamu ice cream at #seaworldorlando…?? #iscreamforicecream #touristlife

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Sea World Orlando
Sea World is surprisingly beautiful

Experienced the “Wild Arctic…”

Sea World Orlando Wild Arctic
This sleepy elephant seal was mad chillin’

And concluded our day with the Shamu One World show:

Sea World Orlando Shamu Show

…or so we thought. It started storming and this show was canceled.

So we waited out the storm and caught the very last show of the day. And for all the times I’ve seen it, I can honestly say I’ve never watched Shamu in the rain before!

Sea World Orlando Shamu Show

Sea World Orlando Shamu Show

Sea World Orlando Shamu Show
Aren’t they cute?? ?
Sea World Orlando Shamu Show
And this is why we didn’t sit in the splash zone.
Sea World Orlando Shamu Show
Front rowers, get ready to be wet!

Sea World Orlando Shamu Show

Pro tips for visiting Sea World:

  • Skip the lines and buy tickets online in advance! Print the tickets at home and walk right up to the entrance.
  • If you want to do the dolphin encounter, DEFINITELY buy tickets in advance. All encounters were sold out for the day.
  • And DO do the dolphin encounter! The dolphins were so sweet and cute. But keep in mind that photos are not allowed, so you’ll have to pay a pretty penny if you want to take home those memories (or show-off proof).

Are you more likely to visit Sea World now that they’re phasing out the Shamu shows? Have you been to Sea World, and if you have, which one(s)?

Thanks for reading!

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