A Foodie’s Birthday

I never considered myself a “foodie,” but recently, I’ve had to reevaluate my definition of what a foodie really is. I always believed foodies had to have the “best” dining experience no matter where they go. Perhaps I’ve been watching way too much Suits (late to jump on the bandwagon and omg I’m loving it), but Rachel’s description was perfect:

“Being a foodie doesn’t mean only liking fancy food. Means having the courage to try it.”

I realized this has been only too true for me in the past year (I mean, I even started a new Food & Drink category on the blog). And given that yesterday on my birthday what I looked forward to the most was trying out a new restaurant I found, I think I’ve officially joined the foodie club!

So I found this place called Cru Food & Wine Bar (if that doesn’t sound like the perfect place for a foodie, I don’t know what does) to try for my big day. I had the pleasure of enjoying this fine dining experience with my equally food-enthusiastic friend Christina!

We sampled a white wine flight, which are 3 different wines related by “grape varietal, geographic region, or style:”

White Wine Flight Cru

Which was the perfect combination of sweet and sour for people like me who can’t drink, lol.

Not gonna lie, this grown-up thing isn’t too bad when you’re old enough to try an alcholic beverage. Or two. Or in this case, three.
White Wine Flight Cru Sweet & Sassy
Ha, “sweet & sassy” – perfect for me 😉

Sampled a bunch of fancy food on a charcuterie board:

Cru Charcuturie Board
prosciutto + salami + manchego cheese, foie gras mousse + antipasti + rustic bread

Thanks to my recent trip to Italy and France, I knew what prosciutto (thin ham) and foie gras (duck liver) were. And this is why I travel!

Cru Charcuturie Board
Christina was especially amused by this tiny little cheese knife – “I want to take this home.”

I tried an entrée of scallops & risotto:

Cru Food & Wine Scallops
spinach-parmesan risotto + golden tomato marinara

Which was kind of ironic, because I didn’t eat risotto (the stuff that looks like rice) in Italy even though it is a common dish over there. I was too distracted by all the pasta and pizza choices. <3

Christina had their pear & gorgonzola pizza:

comice pears + caramelized onion + basil honey + parmesan

I’m also not going to deny that I highly appreciated the food’s presentation in addition to taste. Am I the only one who’s excited to take advantage of the gorgeous setup to practice my food photography? (“WAIT, I need to get a picture of this first”) Well Christina was a good sport about it 🙂

For dessert, Christina took me to Main Street Bistro & Bakery where we dug into extremely chocolately birthday cakes.

Munch munch

Finally, what is a birthday celebration without…

Pepper Smash Spa Day
Spa Day: absolut citron, cucumber, strawberry, seasonal fruit, stevia

Oh yeah. I enjoy my fruity cocktails. So it was only fitting that we’d try Pepper Smash Cocktail Kitchen, right?

Christina went the adventurous route and ordered a drink that was frozen with liquid nitrogen!

Pepper Smash Triple M Explosion

Pepper Smash Triple M Explosion
Triple M’s Explosion: pineapple & strawberry infused vodka, frozen with liquid nitrogen
Pepper Smash Cocktails
They looked so cute together!!

Finally, I came home to a surprise birthday cake from my good ‘ol dad:

Birthday Cake

It was a good night.

Do you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth (+ suburbs) area? What are your favorite places to dine and celebrate?

Thanks for reading (and all the birthday wishes)!

  • Everything looks so delicious! Happy birthday! So happy I found your blog–looking forward to your future posts! 🙂 If you get the chance, please check out my blog as well.


    • Thank you, Ashley! I hope you enjoy your stay, and now I feel encouraged to drill out another post 😉

  • Happy birthday Jessica! I hope Munich is treating you well, everything you´ve done in Europe is awesome! Your photos are awesome and I like travelling with you in your photos. Wishing you lots more happiness your way, xox

    • Thanks Dana! I’m glad you’re enjoying my travel posts. I sometimes wonder if I’m going a little overboard with all the pictures and detail, lol. Have a nice day!

  • Those cocktails look like so much fun! I’ve been legal in the States for almost a year now and one of my favorite “adult” things to do is going to wine tastings!


  • Justine

    So adorably sweet! Looks like you had fun 🙂 Happy belated birthday!

  • Kim

    Oooh I love that they have that description of the different wines you tasted! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Happy belated birthday! I know I’m a little behind on posts, but I’m catching up 😉

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