Free Museum Weekend at Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Free Museum Weekend at Perot Museum of Nature & Science

Not too long ago, I learned that Bank of America customers get a nice little perk every first weekend of the month – access to U.S. museums for free! It turned out that only 1 museum in Dallas participated in this program, Perot Museum of Nature & Science (Sigh. It’s times like these when I wished I lived in NYC where there are surely more options.).

I last visited this museum for my 20th birthday, but it was nice to see it again a few years later with my bro.

Perot Museum of Natural Science
Like, these awesome water molecules were still there…

Perot Museum of Natural Science

As you can see from the pictures above, the museum has pretty cool architecture. Visitors ride an escalator all the way to the 4th floor at the top and work their way down the museum. Going up the escalator gave us a pretty awesome view of the “pointy building” in downtown Dallas:

Downtown Dallas

While writing this post I learned that this building is called “Fountain Place,” which was designed by my uncle I.M. Pei. Just kidding! ? We share the same surname but unfortunately have no relations whatsoever…

The dinosaur exhibit is one of my favorites. They now added an interactive portion to the exhibit, where my brother and I completed tasks found on the tablet we rented from the front desk.

Perot Museum of Natural Science Dinosaur

We had to do silly little tasks like find “candy” in the exhibit to give to the dinosaur to eat!

Yes, we both have big feet, but they’re nothing compared to this!

The minerals and gems were also pretty to lust over…?

Perot Museum of Natural Science Gemstones

Perot Museum of Natural Science Gemstones

I felt that the minerals and gem exhibit in the Houston Museum of Natural Science were even more impressive. They had a crazy number of gems, as well as beautiful jewelry fashioned from dem rocks.

Perot Museum of Natural Science
A cool model showing how crude oil is processed/purified into different kinds of fuel.

But by far, both my brother and my favorite exhibit was the engineering interactive exhibit (go figure!).

We got to program a robot (which unfortunately did not work b/c the program didn’t download – get it together, Perot Museum) then play with robots.


We also built our own circuits, which was by far more fun than the circuits labs that I had to suffer through last year.

Perot Museum of Natural Science Circuits

Finally, in the music station, we played with synthesizers, keyboards, and drums:


Something I’d like to mod my bike wheels with, whenever I invest in a bike:

Spinning wheel of DEATH!

Looking back through my photos, I was kind of disappointed because my photography game was so off (has been off?) that day. A bunch of pictures came out blurry or out of focus. So, I couldn’t show any pictures of a bunch of other wonderful galleries we wandered in – biology, weather, and space.

Obviously, the conclusion is to get out and shoot more, but don’t feel particularly inspired here in Dallas! Dallasites – do you have any ideas? What inspires you to take pictures? Hopefully I’ll get a lot more practice in when I go to Portland this weekend!

Have you been to Perot Museum? What’s your favorite natural science museum? I’m hoping to check off the one in Chicago…

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Houston Museum of Natural Science, and NYC’s natural history museum