Garden Glow

Last Saturday, I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens‘ second annual Garden Glow! I didn’t know that it was a thing until I saw my school selling tickets for it this year (unfortunately they sold out). But I was too excited to see the gardens decked out in lights, so I paid full price anyway. 🙂

White Christmas Tree Lights at Garden Glow St. Louis
Totally didn’t realize these were trees, not multi-limbed snowmen, until writing this post.

The entire botanical gardens was decked with colorful lights, amping up the Christmas/holidays excitement!

Colorful Greenhouse Lights at Garden Glow St. Louis

Night photography was hard! It was difficult to get the right thing in focus. I tried my best anyway! Any tips, though?

Tree Lights on Pond in Garden Glow St. Louis

Kiss Goodnight Garden Glow St. Louis

I totally wanted a photo in this cute gingerbread-looking house. Until I realized that it read “Kiss Goodnight”…and it would’ve been awkward trying to kiss myself.

Christmas Ornament Bokeh Lights at Garden Glow St. Louis
Loved how the bokeh turned out in this one!

Do you wanna build a snowman? Out of magnets?!

Build Snowman in Garden Glow St. Louis

Ah, what I came here for! Seeing a picture of this Climatron covered in lights really sparked my desire to witness it in person. Too bad it was closed and we couldn’t go in.

Climatron Lights at Garden Glow St. Louis

Climatron Lights at Garden Glow St. Louis
So epic!

I was so excited by this light tunnel!

Light Tunnel at Garden Glow St. Louis

It’s not like it was super fancy or anything, but it looked so cool walking under the twirling, blinking, multi-colored lights! It reminded us of some sort of space/time travel machine in movies.

The first successful shot of me. Good job, Chad.

Which led us to a whole new section of the gardens:

Christmas Lights House at Garden Glow St. Louis

Tower Grove House at Garden Glow St. Louis Botanical Gardens

This is Tower Grove House. I also mentioned it in my Japanese Festival post. It was founder Henry Shaw’s house from the 1800’s.

Tower Grove House Guest Book in Missouri Botanical Garden

They kept a guest book in there – just in case if famous people like President Grant (of Grant’s Farm!) and botonist Asa Gray visit, they got that on record.

Gardens outside the house:

Goddess Statue Lights Up in Garden Glow St. Louis
Statue of Jupiter, looking glorious with that spotlight on her.
Christmas Tree Reflection in Garden Glow St. Louis
Sidewalk lined with Christmas trees.
Getting into the Christmas spirit! The carolers singing nearby definitely helped.
Illuminated Waterfall Pyramid in Garden Glow St. Louis
Illuminated Waterfall

I never noticed this structure until seeing it at Garden Glow! It may have looked boring during the day? Goes to show that lights make everything looks more impressive!

Illuminated Waterfall Pyramid in Garden Glow St. Louis

The hedge maze was pretty fun to wander through at night, illuminated by nothing but Christmas lights.

Hedge Maze in Garden Glow St. Louis

Outside the maze:

House Lights in Garden Glow St. Louis
What it would be like to live here…
Christmas Lights Bokeh Garden Glow St. Louis
More playing with light.

Last walkway of lit-up trees.

Blue Christmas Trees in Garden Glow St. Louis

Blue Tree with Christmas Lights in Garden Glow St. Louis
Doesn’t this remind you of a scene from Disney’s Pocahontas?

We returned to the Climatron area again to roast some s’mores (or for me, take a few more pics) before going home.

Climatron at Garden Glow in Missouri Botanical Garden St. Louis

Angel Statues at Garden Glow St. Louis

Garden Glow was awesome! It was much more unique than driving around neighborhoods looking at people’s Christmas lights. Note for next time: bring a tripod! I didn’t bring one because it would’ve been inconvenient to carry. And I didn’t want to seem too intense. But I realize that night photography would have been so much easier and more successful if I had one!

Have you ever been to Garden Glow? Do you have some other fantastical Christmas light display in your city?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. More botanical gardens: Japanese Festival, Brooklyn Botanic Garden