Gardens of Versailles

As much as I liked the chateau, I loved the gardens of Versailles. This French garden was nothing like I’ve ever seen; all the plants were perfectly manicured, marble statues were tastefully displayed around each corner, and light classical music played from mysterious places behind the hedges. But the most delightful? The many, many fountains!

Let me just say up front that I am so not sorry about taking a million pictures of myself in this beautiful garden. Wouldn’t you?!
Gardens of Versailles Dragon Fountain
Dragon Fountain. The principal water jet rises twenty-seven metres into the air!
A surreal moment, realizing that I was actually in the gardens of Versailles.

Gardens of Versailles

As I was lost walking in the hedge mazes, I came across this.

Gardens of Versailles
What. The. Eff. What is this doing here??

I nearly didn’t include that picture in this set, but I just wanted to show you how ridiculously curated it was. In a sculpture park, yes, but in the gardens of Versailles? How could they…

Moving on from my incredulity…

Apollo Fountain Versailles
Apollo Fountain

Quite possibly one of the grandest fountains, as it was huge and right in the “middle” of the gardens.

Apollo Fountain Versailles

Those tasteful sculptures I was talking about:

Gardens of Versailles Sculptures

Gardens of Versailles Colonnade
The Colonnade

Gardens of Versailles Colonnade

This was when I found out that the fountains do not stay on the entire time! Right as I was going to get another picture of the Colonnade, the water shut off. So disappointing! But I felt lucky that at least the other fountains were on when I was there.

Gardens of Versailles Saturn Fountain
Saturn Fountain

Gardens of Versailles Sculptures

Gardens of Versailles Sculptures

Gardens of Versailles
Back by the palace

At this point, I went inside to tour the Palace. But the gardens were so big and beautiful that I knew I had to go back and explore more afterwards!

Palace of Versailles
There’s the palace again. Also, see what I mean by the perfectly manicured French gardens?

Palace of Versailles

I came across the most impressive landscaping at The Orangerie:

Gardens of Versailles Orangerie
The Orangerie

I couldn’t believe that “some of the orange trees from Portugal, Spain and Italy, and lemon and pomegranate trees are over 200 years old!” (Source)

Gardens of Versailles Orangerie

Found “The Ballroom,” where Louis XIV danced (pretty well) lol.

Gardens of Versailles Statue Sculpture

Gardens of Versailles Statue

By this time, I felt tired of walking (once again, the gardens are HUGE), so I headed down to the Grand Canal to rest. Along the way, I saw the cutest school children!

Gardens of Versailles School Children
Those uniforms!

But all good things must come to an end…

Latona Fountain Versailles
Latona Fountain

So one more touristy pic in front of the ever-popular Latona fountain before leaving!

It was so neat walking through a French garden, and not just any old French garden, but the Gardens of Versailles. I noticed a few differences – most parks & gardens I’ve been to have plenty of trees that provide shade, but this one had a lack of them. Instead, there were hedges (perfectly trimmed, mind you) everywhere. It was like walking through a maze, especially since the hedges were what, 20 ft tall? Another detail I saw was that the pathways were sandy, none of that concrete business that I’ve become so used to. It was kind of an amusing contrast – while the plants were all perfectly trimmed, the walkways were left as dirt.

Anyway, exploring the gardens of Versailles was such a privilege. If I were to come back again, you can count on me having a picnic by the Grand Canal just as the locals do!

Have you been to any great gardens lately?

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P.S. If you haven’t read about Château de Versailles (Palace of Versailles), check it out!

  • Love all these pictures…you look absolutely adorable in your black skit and yellow shirt (plus that hat!) 🙂

    • Thanks Jordan! I was advised to bring a hat to Versailles…and good thing too, or else my face would’ve been so burnt, lol.

  • Great photos, Jessica! Looks like a beautiful day.

    • Thanks Hayley! Oh yeah, I had surprisingly good luck with weather on this trip to Europe. Though I ended that day with a very weird arm tan from the top I was wearing…

  • Wow, these photos are stunning! Gardens are some of my favourite things to photograph 🙂 Really glad to have found your blog via Travel Tuesday!

  • How beautiful!! Versailles looks stunning. I haven’t visited any gardens lately, definitely need to get on that!


  • Indeed the gardens are amazing! Especially the ones in Orangery. When I visited the Versailles we didn’t tour the gardens that much and I want to re-visit one day and explore! The castles of Loire Valley also have amazing gardens…it’s a French thing apparently!

    • Oh man, there’s so much to see! So revisiting and exploring is definitely a good idea. I also didn’t know about the Loire Valley castles, but wow. Google images pulled up some good ones.

  • Those fountains and the gardens are absolutely stunning! Versailles is definitely on my must see list. I love your outfit too, so adorable!

  • Kim

    Ahhh!! You’re so lucky you got to see the gardens while the fountains were on! They look so much nicer with the water flowing! I love that your outfit matches the fountains too! 😀

    • Thanks, I felt very lucky too! I still couldn’t figure out the fountains’ schedule, but ended up sticking around long enough for various ones to come on at different times.

  • I was here in May of 2000! So long ago. We were in Paris last year but opted to skip Versaille this time around. I’m feeing regretful all of a sudden- must be your pictures!

  • You are adorable! I love all your photos too. Always awesome to find a new travel blog friend. 🙂

    • Thanks Ashley! I’m so glad that you enjoy reading my blog. Hope you’ll come back for more!