Are You Going to Scarborough Fair?

Man, I cannot get that song out of my head whenever the best festival of the year rolls around – Dallas’s one and only Scarborough Renaissance Festival!

It’s seriously the best thing we have in May. If you’ve never been to one of these things, you’re in for a treat. I thought that for this third time around, I’ll take some proper pictures of the whole spectacle!

Scarborough Fair Dallas Costumes

Some of my first-timer friends were surprised by how legit the fair-goers’ costumes were. No son, these people are forreal.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Dragon


Scarborough Fair Dallas

Scarborough Fair Dallas Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion

April and I braved the haunted mansion the last time I was here (like 5 years ago). It really wasn’t so bad except for the fact that it was so dark that you couldn’t see your own hand, and employees would lurk behind corners and scare you. Still, probably not for the faint-hearted.

Scarborough Fair Dallas

Of course, the novelty items and shopping in this place is awesome. I actually didn’t get anything this time, and settled for ogling (and shooting) the beautiful items in the booths.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Chainmail

Scarborough Fair Dallas Wooden Shields

This look on Meghan’s face is seriously the best, ever ?

Scarborough Fair Dallas Glass Ornaments

Scarborough Fair Dallas Glass Working
This gentleman has been doing this craft for only, oh, 20 years.
Scarborough Fair Dallas Bags
These bags are hilarious! I kind of want one just to wear around and see people do double takes!

Scarborough Fair Dallas Wigs of Whimsy

In addition to shopping and food, there were shows! People seemed pretty excited about the Fire Whip Guy, who I’ve never heard of before this, but now I see what all the commotion is about.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Fire Whip Show

Scarborough Fair Dallas Fire Whip Show

Scarborough Fair Dallas Fire Whip Show

Some performers can be pretty awkward on stage…like they crack (no pun intended) a joke and no one laughs. But not this guy. He was pretty charismatic AND he fire-whipped a bottle cap off his shiny, bald head. I gotta give him credit.

On that fire-related note…there was also a glass-blowing demonstration.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Glass Blowing

I can’t believe that before last year, I had never seen a glass-blowing demonstration before. Now, I’ve seen on in St. Louis, Venice, Corning, and now here! And each time, it’s something different. So even though I “know” what’s coming, it never gets boring!

Can never get tired of more “window” shopping:

Scarborough Fair Dallas Beeswax

There was a candle there as thick as a tree trunk and had a burn time of like, 20,000 hours (!). But it was a pretty serious investment…like a couple hundred $$.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Jars
I need the one that says “Floo Powder.”

Scarborough Fair Gutenberg Press

Scarborough Fair Dallas Monk
Copying a passage from the Bible, as a true monk would.
Scarborough Fair Dallas Monk
And not minding me breathing down his neck to take pictures/watch ?

Scarborough Fair Dallas

Scarborough Fair Dallas Weapons
Yes, we got to play with the weapons!

What is a Renaissance fair without a good ‘ol, medieval joust? Tbh, Game of Thrones definitely made me more excited about jousting than I ever was before. That crazy Mountain scene though…

May the joust begin:

Scarborough Fair Dallas Joust

Scarborough Fair Dallas Joust

Scarborough Fair Dallas Joust
This was our man – the Dark Knight (or something to that nature)

We were on the “dark” side where we could chant things like “CHEAT TO WIN!” Our knight’s rival was – whaddaya know – the White Knight.

Here they go:

Scarborough Fair Dallas Joust

Scarborough Fair Dallas Joust

I got a little confused at the end when the guys jumped off their horses and started beating each other up, and then another knight jumped in to help, and…intermission, everybody! Come back at 6pm to watch the rest of joust! What. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So we moved on, to the archery range.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Archery

Now looking back, I wish we tried it (especially the long bow)! Oh well…NEXT YEAR.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Elephants

Yes, you can ride elephants.

I did it years ago just to say I did it, but now I feel bad for them. All day long, they walk in circles with humans on their backs. What a life.

Scarborough Fair Dallas
Yooo, I want to be a part of this friend group

The best thing about the fair though, are definitely the costumes. I’d totally dress up too…but after trying on a fancy dress (no pics allowed, boo) and asking about it’s price, those dreams were shattered. I don’t have $300+ to drop on a handmade medieval dress. ?

Scarborough Fair Dallas Costumes

My people-photography skills are a little rusty…but I’m trying to get back into the groove! It always gets better when I travel or go some place new.

Scarborough Fair Dallas Costumes

This day would have been even awesomer if my allergies weren’t on full swing. I had to dip early because of all the tears and sniffles. Mental note for next time: take allergy meds before spending an entire day at Scarborough Fair!!! If you haven’t gone yet, better hurry – this weekend is your last chance to catch it!

Have you been to a Renaissance festival? Where? Did you like it?

Thanks for reading!

  • Justine

    How cool! I love the costumes and how dedicated everyone was. I’ve been invited to a renaissance faire here in NY and I’m still debating if I wanna go, but seeing these photos makes me wanna give it a try 🙂

    • What! You should totally go and share pictures! I’m interested in seeing what they’re like in other parts of the country 😀

  • Oh no! I just missed this (and it sounded like so much fun)! I’ll definitely be going next year though 🙂