Grant’s Farm

That’s right. It’s “Grant,” as in Ulysses S. Grant, 18th president of the USA. In all my years here in St. Louis, I had no idea that I was only a short drive away from his 280-acre farm that was founded in the 1850’s. Apparently this was also where he met and fell in love with his wife, Julia Dent (cue the collective “awww”). Now this piece of land is owned by the Busch’s (yes, of Anheuser-Busch). But it’s “free” for the public to visit (parking is $12), so I gladly opted to spend my day on a farm – Grant’s Farm – last Saturday.

First, you board a tram that takes you around the perimeter of the farm where you can view Grant’s cabin and spot wild animals roaming free in the Deer Park.

Grant's Farm swan paddleboat fall autumn
This place truly is scenic and beautiful.
Grant's cabin
Our dear president built this cabin all by himself.

Right, so there’s “wildlife” roaming about on this land. But for whatever reason, I expected this to be like a safari where I would get to see exotic animals like zebras and gazelles (I know, what was I thinking). Thus, I was a bit disappointed when all I saw were geese, deer, horses, and longhorns. But I guess the bison were pretty cool.

deer Grant's farm park wild animals
Typical tourists.
longhorns animals cows grant's farm missouri
It was really sad – I couldn’t identify the longhorns, which were native to my home, Texas. Boo.

Finally, we got dropped off in the southern part of the farm. From there, we entered the middle of the park and wandered around the animal exhibits.

First up, goats. Many, many goats.

goats grant's farm animals petting zoo
Now multiply what you see by, like, 7.
goat scratching itchy white billy grant's farm
D’aww, someone’s itchy!

You can even give them milk! Here’s my friend feeding a greedy bunch of them:

I also quickly found out that goats liked to chew things. And by things, I meant me:

goat chew grant's farm petting pet zoo
This one chewed the plastic tip right off my boot laces!
goats chew clothing grant's farm petting pet
“Crazy Eyes.”
goats chew petting grant's farm animals
This one crawled in behind me. Sneaky creatures.
goat goats chew chewing grant's farm feed petting pet
“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

But I loved ’em anyway.

Photocred: Chad

Now moving on from the goats…turns out you can also feed the two camels.

camel grant's farm pet feed
This one was photogenic! It posed so well for me.

Some kids realized that if you threw food at the camel, it would open its mouth in anticipation:

camel feed grant's farm
Haha it’s like shooting hoops!

Finally, we walked around and looked at all the miscellaneous animals.

elephant trunk reach animal grant's farm
Reach…just…a little…farther…
lemur grant's farm animal
Lemur!!! I love primates!!
owl horned brown bird grant's farm
So poised.

Before leaving, I witnessed the most bizarre thing. This kangaroo stood upright on its two feet and hopped up and down while reaching (?) for the tree branches above. But in the end it really just looked like it was dancing!

kangaroo hop grant's farm dance funny
Jump on it, jump on it
kangaroo jump hop grant's farm dance funny balance tail
This cracked me up! It sometimes kicked its legs up and balanced solely on its tail!

Before leaving, we checked out the infamous Anheuser-Busch clydesdales. Actually, just now, I watched the commercials to see what all the hype was about. But these beauties really were a sight to behold in person. They were tall, bulky, and massive – you could definitely tell that they were made of pure strength.

Clydesdales Outdoors

anheuser busch clydesdales grant's farm
This guy, Chad, was so sweet. He came closer to us so that we could pet him (and his butt) through the stable bars.

As I said before, Grant’s Farm really is a beautiful place. It’s great for kids, families, and even the occasional college student (like yours truly) to hang out. I’d definitely recommend this place for a weekend adventure – but a word of caution – you must like animals (and getting a little dirty) to enjoy this place!

grant's farm
The architecture was so surprising. It actually reminded me of buildings in Harry Potter World or some kind of Disney land.

grant's farm

halloween pumpkins grant's farm decorations

trees fall colors leaves red orange autumn yellow grant's farm
I love fall in the Midwest!
grant's farm
Thank you, come again.

Have you ever been to Grant’s Farm? What did you do there?

Thanks for reading!

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