Inside the University of Oxford

A visit to Oxford is incomplete without visiting the university that lent the city’s name so much fame.

Oxford was not always a nice, little college town, however; there have always been tensions between the town vs. gown ever since the university was founded. Essentially, the townspeople hated the college kids who came and disrupted their peace. Some of these disputes got quite violent, so Cambridge was actually started as a place for students to flee to. I think the issues have settled a bit nowadays, so we could safely walk through the town without worrying about getting beat up!

New College Oxford
That plush, untouchable, green grass.

I toured the inside of New College, one of University of Oxford’s 40 colleges. When you apply to Oxford, you must apply to a specific college. To me, this sounds like you need to know what you want to study – basically you already have your life figured out at age 18. But if you get rejected from said college, that’s that. There’s no applying to another one!

New College Rowing Oxford
A clear indication of what Oxford’s good at: rowing. That’s what happens when you live in a country surrounded by water.

Their student dorms looked very old compared to what I was used to. (In other words, America is still a youngin’ compared to Mother England!)

If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, brace yourselves for these next few photos!

The HP dining hall was modeled after the dining halls of Oxford. The one in the movie was replicated after the one in Christ Church (the biggest Oxford college), but this still gets the idea across:

New College Oxford Dining Room

New College Dining Hall Oxford

After watching the first Harry Potter movie the other day (you heard me), I noticed that the movie got it right even down to the place setting:

Oxford New College Dining Hall

Another piece of Harry Potter fame could be found in New College’s courtyard, where this wicked scene was filmed:

After watching that video again, I could definitely recognize the scenery from the time I stood in that same place. So exciting!

New College Oxford Courtyard

New College Oxford Courtyard

New College Oxford Courtyard

And to think, Tom Felton sat in this very tree 🙂

Harry Potter filming locations aside, there was also the chapel.

New College Oxford Chapel

New College University of Oxford Chapel

New College University of Oxford Chapel

Yes, Oxford was a beautiful school. What made me more jealous and angry, though, was finding out that tuition was only 9000 pounds! Universities over there are cheap! Most of the time, students only need to pay for books and such. So this makes me question, why can’t America invest in the education of its students like that? Why must the price of our education be three times that amount (and don’t even mention student debt)? Perhaps I should’ve given European schools a shot after all…

So, are you Oxford or Cambridge? 😉

Thanks for reading!

P.S. On the Cobbled Streets of Oxford


  • Wow! This post is incredible! I want to pack up and head to Oxford immediately after seeing these photos. I honestly am new to Harry Potter movies (I loved the books, though!), but I’ll have to make sure I watch them before visiting Oxford. 🙂

    I can’t believe tuition is $9,000!! I currently live near Princeton University and the kids there are paying over $40,000 a year in tuition and roughly $60,000 a year total (with books, lodging, etc.) to attend college! It’s crazy.

    Lovely post!


    • Thank you! I read the books before heading off to London, so it only made me more excited to identify the filming locations!

      Oh girl, I know. I just graduated from that life, so it was incredible to hear how subsidized European universities are. Jealous.

  • wow the townspeople despising oxford students was a thing? 🙁 glad there’re no more issues like this!
    and lucky you going to all the HP filming locations :’)

    • Yeah I had no idea before.

      Next time I have to make it a point to go to the HP Warner Bros. Studios :O

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