Japanese Festival

As some of you may have gathered from my Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue, I attended the annual Japanese festival in the Missouri Botanical Garden this past Saturday, August 31. In fact, I also went last year, but this time I got to experience some new activities and took more photos of people than plants!

Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese festival
Missouri Botanical Gardens entrance

My friend “Brolivia” wore her kimono! As a result, part of the day turned into an impromptu photoshoot.


She really wanted a shot of her sleeves billowing in the wind…


(Now hire me as a portrait photographer, anyone? :D)

Anyhow, we attended a cooking demonstration of Japanese food. They showed us how to make 3 dishes: chirashi sushi, tofu hamburger, and mixed fruit jello (the gelatin was made of seaweed!).

st. louis japanese festival cooking demonstration

I’m really glad we did this, because last year I did not attend any of the events for the Japanese festival. In the end we even got to taste samples of the food!


After the show, we spent the rest of the time wandering around the gardens:

missouri botanical gardens climatron
The Climatron. It used to be free, but now they make us pay to go in. Not cool, guys.
greenhouse botanical gardens st. louis missouri
Another greenhouse near the entrance
Japanese wood dolls toys
Such cute wooden dolls. I want.

We even took a house tour of Henry Shaw (1800-1889), a philanthropist who founded the Missouri Botanical Garden (Wiki).

A mirror in his home, Tower Grove House, built in 1849.

Then strolled by the Japanese garden & pond:

Japanese zen garden black white nature
Zen garden


Finally, even more gardens:

Pea picking

garden flowers pink red white pretty

That was it! It was cool going to the Japanese festival again and seeing different things this time. Some things though, like the cosplayers, never changed. Have you ever been to the Japanese festival or to the Missouri Botanical Gardens?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. This might even rival Jenny Lawson’s Beyonce: