Journey Up the Swiss Alps

An outward expression of my inward feelings while standing on the Swiss Alps

There’s no way to fully describe just how incredible standing on top of the Swiss Alps felt. As they say, everything tastes sweeter after you work for it – and it was true, since going up involved riding a bus, boat, and train (sadly, didn’t hike up…next time!). But I’ll try my best to illustrate my journey with pleeenty of pictures that’ll hopefully cause you to admire this beautiful region of Switzerland as much as I did!

After riding a bus to Lucerne (which is a lovely small town, another post on it coming up), I rode a boat to the base of the mountain. The views along the way were incredible, and of course, the selfie-taking game was going strong…

Swiss Alps Lucerne Lake Switzerland

Sailboat Lucerne Switzerland Swiss Alps
The water was so unbelievably blue. Also, best drinking water on this trip so far.

The little houses on the side of the mountain were so charming! It made me wonder what living there must have been like – do they have to import all their food, water, supplies? Or do they grow & make some things by themselves? Switzerland Swiss Alps

Switzerland Lucerne Swiss Alps
Also makes me want to live a simpler life…

After the boat ride, I rode a train up Mount Pilatus. That was probably best, because it was a pretty steep  (and somewhat long) ride up. Pilatus Bahn Train Switzerland Pilatus train up Swiss Alps Finally, we reached the top at 6,982 feet! Would you soak in this incredible view: top of Swiss Alps

top Swiss Alps
My head was literally in the clouds.

top Mount Pilatus Swiss Alps

Made it!

Even higher:

Standing among the clouds was a new thing for me
I’m on top of the world!! (at least I felt like it)

Um, of course I needed to take a #swissalpsselfie.

  It’s a pretty alright view ??? #swissalps #ontopoftheworld #travel #Switzerland #beautifuldestinations #europe #efcollegebreak   A photo posted by Jessica @ WONDERMENTARY (@itsjpei) on

top Mount Pilatus Swiss Alps
Looking down from the highest point

top Mount Pilatus Swiss Alps

All too soon, it was time to go. This is what I took to go down:

Gondola Swiss Alps

Yikes! Actually, the gondola was perfectly fine and not swaying at all – so that leaves no excuse for those of you afraid of heights to not climb the Swiss Alps. It’s a worthwhile experience, I promise!

About halfway down, I took a toboggan ride for the first time. Climbing to the top of the hill to slide down the toboggan was when I realized that hiking the mountain in my current condition would’ve been killer! I was huffing and puffing just to walk up the small slope.

But it was well worth it, sitting here, with the Swiss Alps behind me 😀

So that was the Swiss Alps! Climbing to the top was by far one of the coolest and most awesome things I’ve done on this trip. I loved it so much that I think I’ll have to return to Switzerland again!

Have you ever climbed the Swiss Alps?

Thanks for reading!

  • Gorgeous! Switzerland is high on my list of places to visit for the fact that it is BEAUTIFUL! Can’t want to read your post on Lucerne!

    • It is so darn beautiful! I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat if I could. So yes, you should visit it soon! Thanks for reading – that post on Lucerne will come eventually, after I finish catching up on all my other Europe posts!

  • KMG

    Lovely! I’m a neighbor, living in austria, but I’ve never been to switzerland. Lovely pictures, you really seem happy in them. 🙂

    • It has been one of my favorite countries on this Europe trip so far! I’d definitely recommend going. I didn’t get to go to Austria this time, but I’d love to visit in the future. Where in Austria do you recommend?

      • KMG

        It depends where your interests lie. You definitely have to visit Vienna. There’s tons of things to be seen in vienna. Of course, the most important buildings, etc. but also the really nice places. If you ever go, drop me a mail, I’ll meet you there if I can 🙂 If you’re fascinated by the Sound of Music I also recommend Salzburg or the Mountain Region in General, the Nature here is incredible, and not so different from Switzerland. 🙂 That’s just really two of a hundred possibilities. 🙂

        • Ahh yes, I’m definitely a Sound of Music fan 🙂 My friend just went to Austria this summer and gushed about Vienna and Salzburg, so I’d love to see those places if I can. Thanks for offering to meet (or potentially play tour guide haha)!

  • so amazing! i want my head in the clouds too!! love your smile <3

  • Gorgeoussssss Jessica, absoutely gorgeous. That profile photo, PERFECT! haha, I felt utter happinesss when I saw it, and this place looks just tooo amazing. serene and beautiful, so glad you added this to your trip!!!

  • Kim

    Oh I’m so happy that you were able to travel through Switzerland when the weather was nice! I went during clouds & rain and saw fairly little. The views look amazing, and the color of that lake is to die for!

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  • Girl! I’m pretty sure we did the same EF trip just like, a week or two apart?! I kept seeing we had been in the same cities and it makes sense now, haha. Love these pictures!

    • Yooo that’s nuts!! When did you go? Which trip did you do?

      I still haven’t finished posting all my pictures haha. Well you just inspired me to get them out…(before the end of this year, I hope)

      • I was there May 18-June 16, on the Grand Tour of Europe 🙂 So crazy! When were you there? Get your pictures up, girl, I love seeing them!

        • Yes! I did the same tour! But from June 1-30. Haha wow how crazy is that?! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂