Kensington Palace in Hyde Park

Hello dear readers! Currently writing to you from Paris! I actually arrived from London a day ago, where I stayed for a short 3 days (*tear), but I’d like to keep y’all updated in real time, meaning I’ll write about the most recent (or current) city I’m in. However, as you can imagine, writing about everything as they happen each day would be ridiculously overwhelming, so expect to hear more of each place after my trip has concluded. 😉


Literally right after landing and dropping off my stuff, I was out the door and ready to explore Hyde Park right next to the hostel. Talk about getting my priorities straight.

Above all, I was most eager to check out Kensington Palace:

Kensington Palace Hyde Park

Though nobody lives there (I think), Will & Kate and Harry pretty much live right behind it only a mile away! Little did I know that Kensington was the poshest place in London, so I felt extremely fortunate to have stayed in this neighborhood while here. However, an interesting fact I learned was that there are no clear divides between the rich and poor neighborhoods. Everything is fairly mixed, so next to these nice, posh apartments were also government houses. As a result, the streets are safe to roam!

Obligatory selfie with the queen! #London #travel #Europe

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Chillin on a palace bench

Afterwards, I wandered to the Kensington gardens which were BEE-YOU-TIFUL.

Kensington Gardens Hyde Park

It was little but everything was so well-manicured!



Also feeding time for the garden critters. Personally, this creeps me out a little…

Another view from the side of the palace:

Kensington Palace Gold Gate

Kensington Palace golden gates
The detail on this thing is amazing. Do you think it’s real gold?

After this important mission, I continued to wander around the Hyde Park, which turned out to be HUGE. Here’s a few glimpses:

Hyde Park dogs
Whooo making new friends.

Hyde Park

One of the most beautiful areas that I saw were the Italian fountains. Would you just look!

Hyde Park Italian Gardens

Indeed, there were many fountains. And of course I needed a “selfie” with them all.

So! I think in the time allotted, I did a pretty good job of seeing the best of Hyde Park. Have you ever been? What did you like in there? What is your favorite park in London?

Hyde Park London

Thanks for reading!