Laumeier Sculpture Park Trails

The name “Laumeier Sculpture Park” may seem familiar to some long-term readers…well this is because I visited the park already last fall! Tiff, Chad, and I took a quick look around the grounds because we were on a time-crunch. I liked the place so much that I wished to return again when the weather was nicer. Well, lucky me, my wish was granted! This time, Chad and I ventured deeper into the park on the hiking trails.

We actually had multiple hiking trails to choose from. The one we chose was the Art Hike, which led us on a trail dotted with sculptures. It was like a treasure hunt, finding a sculpture and wondering what else laid ahead. Needless to say, this was really fun!

I should also mention that I reeeally like interactive art (whether they were intended to be or not)!

Only after I start climbing do I remember that I have a fear of heights. Sigh.

An inside view of the same sculpture:

The next sculpture was suuuper neat. It was a two-way glass/mirror over a bridge. Because of the way it’s angled & placed, you can get some mirage-like views:

The mirror/glass is behind me in the background of this picture below:

I felt back in my element taking photos out here. Without a doubt, I enjoy taking nature & landscape pics the most. The last time I had such practice was roadtripping in California!

Laumeier sculpture park hiking trail

The redwood in the following picture is thought to be the largest singular piece of contemporary wood in existence. So sad that a tree had to die for the sake of art! (See live redwoods at Big Sur here.)

Redwood I Laumeier Sculpture Park
Redwood I – Johann Feilacher

AEIOU Vowels Laumeier Sculpture Park

Opportunities to climb some more (I mentioned that I liked climbing things, yeah?):

Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Hike

Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Hike

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? Standing in the deepest part of this dried-up pit, looking up at the stone walls, made me empathize with Brienne in “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” episode. I shudder to think what I would’ve done in that situation…

Thankfully I don’t have to think about that up and out of there!

Going up the mound…

And we saw this.

He attempted to run while I was taking this pano, but the camera only caught him at this one instance. You can’t beat the system, buddy!

On the way back down, I insisted on this “look, I’m an explorer!” pose, much to Chad’s chagrin.

And peeked into another trail, where we only saw this brick structure:

A closer look revealed words inscribed on the bricks, which turned out to be beautiful quotes and poems by the people of St. Louis. My favorite:

Brick House Laumeier Sculpture Park St. Louis

We also revisited old discoveries, like the metal caterpillar:

The great eyeball:

And the giant red thing:

Friends let friends do stupid things.

Of all the sculpture parks I’ve been to, this is by far my favorite. For the most part, stuff here is climbable, touchable, walkable, standable – everything that most sculpture parks don’t allow. Visitors may walk in, do their thing, and leave whenever they want to. Now that’s my kind of sculpture park!

Have you hiked the Laumeier Sculpture Park trails?

Thanks for reading! And a big thanks to Chad (THERE, happy?) who took these photos of me!

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