Le Tour Eiffel

Bonjour, mon amie! As I mentioned before, I’m currently in the city of love, Paris. So my tour got the most important business over with right off the bat: seeing and going up Le Tour Eiffel – The Eiffel Tower. Without further ado, I hereby present pictures of the Eiffel Tower, pictures with the tower, and pictures on the tower. Haha, no shame in being the ultimate tourist here!

Eiffel Tower Paris
Thar she is!

People manage to leave locks everywhere in this city.

Eiffel Tower Paris

I managed to catch the last rays of sunset after climbing the tower. Paris looked so magical at night!

Paris Eiffel Tower night view

I never managed to find out what that pretty lit up dome building is…anyone know?

If I had more time in Paris, I’d totally bring a picnic (and bottle of wine, heh) and have a nice meal out here on the Champ de Mars in front of the tower:

Champ de Mars Paris night Eiffel Tower
Champ de Mars

Ah well, save it for another time (perhaps with a man in tow)!

Paris Eiffel Tower

A great place to see the tower is at Trocadero, which is where I took the first few photos in this post (and shown in the picture below). It is directly across from the Eiffel Tower, so be prepared for the hordes of other tourists who have the same agenda as you!

Palais de Chaillot Paris Eiffel Tower
Palais de Chaillot

As beautiful as the tower is during the day, it really is something else at night, especially during the sparse times when it lights up.

Eiffel Tower lit up at night
No, really, all 5 billion of its lights start flashing! I wasn’t sure what setting to keep the camera on to capture its spectacular flashing, but now I think that a longer exposure time would’ve been better. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I think if I were to return, I’d want to go with a special somebody (as cliché as it sounds)! They weren’t joking about Paris being the city of love; at night, throngs of couples sat on the steps of Trocadero and La Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. This is the one city where you can get away with doing extremely sappy, coupley things, no?

So have you ever been to Paris? What are your favorite Parisian landmarks?

Thanks for reading!


  • Justine

    These photos are beautiful! I’ve been to Paris once before and it is so gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more of your adventures 🙂

  • gorgeous photos as always and you look gorgeous too. You make me love Paris, i´ve grown an unsettling dislike for it, I want to love but… I Love your travel posts, and look forward to them daily!
    Wishing you the best, xx
    Dana | http://booquepress.com

    • Ahh thank you! I can understand why some people wouldn’t like Paris, but for me, I enjoyed the culture and architecture a lot. I have more posts on this city in the future; stay tuned!

  • Kim

    I love how beautiful the Eiffel and the Champ de Mars looks lit up at night! Glad to see you’re enjoying your time in Paris 😉

    • I did too, you could hear the crowd of tourists (me included) squealing when the tower lit up. Paris was sure beautiful!

  • being a locksmith must be a really great income in paris 😛

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