Let’s Go to the Beach, Beach

…Let’s go get away…

Long Beach was the perfect getaway for my friend Grace’s 21st birthday. It only took us 2 train rides, 2 buses, more than 86 stops, and just under 2 hours to get there from the city. NBD.

long beach new york
Long Beach

seagull long beach
My friend hated the seagulls! They’re little food thieves.

As we approached this beach town, I noticed how the buildings shrank until all the skyscrapers (that I’m so used to by now) were gone and the surroundings started to look like my suburb back home. Or maybe I’m just extremely homesick at this point, and I’m ready to head back in 2 days.

With my homegirls (minus Esther, who was taking the photo)

I had a great time with these ladies just chilling, throwing around a frisbee, and of course, playing in the ocean. We tried diving into the waves to resurface on the other side. But after every attempt we sputtered out the salty water and asked each other, “did it work?!” Except none of us ever knew if it did.

long beach rocks

long beach ocean waves

Now, this summer has been an absolute blast thus far. However, everyone – and I am no exception – is hit with life’s struggles. It may not have seemed obvious at the time, but what made this occasion even more dear to me was how I was able to spend it among friends while I mourned the passing of my beloved grandmother. She was an integral part of my childhood and role model who I always looked up to. Grandma was the one who taught me to “do it, and do it well.” She and I were close, so naturally, I felt deeply sad that weekend. From this experience, though, I will never underestimate the power of friendship, how the very presence of friends who were with me the day I heard the sad news and the day after were enough for me to lean on.

Thank you, friends. And I love you Grandma. I’ll see you in heaven.

sand long beach relax