Mountainside Escape in Engelberg

Initially, I was disappointed that our hotel in Switzerland was about and hour or so away from Lucerne, the starting point of our journey up the Swiss Alps. So much time wasted! But it all turned out for the best because the little town that we stayed in, Engelberg, was like a dream.

Welcome to Engelberg!

On my walk to the city center, I was already charmed. Not only were the buildings incredibly cute, but the streets were also clean and safe. It was the first time I saw kids ride bikes, play on scooters, and be free without close supervision. And it was nice for me to walk around without worrying about getting pickpocketed, ha.

Engelberg Switzerland

Engelberg Switzerland

But most of all, I was captivated by the surrounding, majestic mountains.

Engelberg Switzerland

How often do I get to sit with the Alps as my backdrop?

Engelberg Switzerland

Since I wanted to take a picture of the railroad tracks, I figured the best place to take it would be on the tracks. What are my chances of getting hit by a train anyway? But…as soon as I took a couple of shots, I heard a loud alarm (bell?) sound. Well you can bet I leapt right outta there! While running, I turned around to look for the oncoming train…but nothing came. So I have no idea what that alarm was all about, but it sure made me think twice before hanging around train tracks again…

Flowers Engelberg Switzerland
So beautiful I could cry

In my wanderings to climb up to a higher viewpoint, I passed a couple of houses. When I glanced inside one window, an entire family eating around a dinner table stared back at me. So I accidentally entered some private property…whoops. Well I didn’t leave without some photos at least!

Engelberg Switzerland

Engelberg, Switzerland

But it turns out that the best scenery was down by the little lake near my hotel (The Angels Lodge, great place – my fave hotel on this trip overall).

Engelberg Switzerland Mountains Lake

The water was so unbelievably blue! I bet it was clean enough to drink! And speaking of clean, the air was superb. Like, I wanted to breathe in all the oxygen molecules because it was so crisp and good.

Engelberg Switzerland Mountains Lake

I was absolutely floored by the beautiful scenery and nature around me.

Wildflowers Engelberg Switzerland

As I walked around the lake, the landscape looked beautiful from every angle. There’s no such thing as a “bad picture” in that place!

Engelberg, Switzerland Mountains Lake

Engelberg, Switzerland
Seeing this now makes me want to break out into The Sound of Music
Sheep Mountain Engelberg Switzerland
Little sheep! On the side of the mountain!

Engelberg Switzerland Mountains Lake

Gosh, I wonder what it must be like to actually live there. Or retire there! But I’ll think about that the day I can leisurely afford a 30-franc dinner (the average price in restaurants there).

Engelberg Switzerland Mountains Lake

It would be like living in a place straight out of a postcard! But even then, beauty can be taken for granted when you see it every day. A once in a lifetime dose, though…

Wildflowers Engelberg Switzerland

Engelberg Switzerland Mountains House

Engelberg Switzerland Mountains House

In the end, I was so happy that we stayed in this little town. It provided a relaxing, peaceful environment that was much-needed after touring three big cities (London, Paris, and Amsterdam). Gazing at the majestic Alps, aqua-clear water, and green grass everywhere truly put me in a state of “wondermentary,” the namesake of this blog.

What is the most beautiful place that you’ve seen? (Obviously for me, it’s Switzerland! Like, all of it.)

P.S. If you haven’t already, read my post written while on the trip about my Journey Up the Swiss Alps!


  • Justine

    So beautiful! I’d love to visit one day. I think the most beautiful place I’ve visited has to be the Khao Sok National Park in Thailand. So unbelievably breathtaking there 🙂

    • Oooh I just looked it up. Sure looks beautiful – the water is so blue! And yeah, I totally recommend visiting Switzerland to anyone who will listen…

  • I have to turn down a trip with my parents to Switzerland next month because I have school — this post made turning down the trip so much harder. 🙁 Engelberg looks absolutely amazing. Crisp air, Swiss dinners, a view of the Alps? Sooo jealous!! Great photos!


    • Oh no!! Switzerland was the most beautiful out of all the countries I visited in Europe. You’ll have to go at some point!

  • So beautiful! Everything just looks so picturesque and perfect! I could totally see Maria Von Trapp twirling around and singing on those hills!

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  • Kim

    The views here are so beautiful! I think Switzerland is probably one of the most beautiful places in the world! There’s just so much natural beauty that it makes you wonder why we’re all living in a concrete jungle!