My 21st Birthday!

A short ‘n sweet post about my birthday! Turned 21 on 21 – woohoo, finally legal baby!

A group of friends and I went to 99 Favor Taste to eat unlimited hotpot (free for the birthday girl :D). However, before dinner my friend Jung ever-so-graciously granted my requests and snapped a few shots of me around Chinatown. Gotta commemorate my youth while it lasts!! #justkidding #notreally



Got a few stares for this one, as it was right next to a busy highway!
Red + red = twice the luck

(Red is a “lucky color” in Chinese culture)

Jung did an excellent job taking the photos. Thanks girl! <3

After hotpot, we went to Max Brenner, which is a chocolate bar & restaurant. It was the perfect place for a chocoholic like me!

Max Brenner Chocolate
Max Brenner Chocolate Bar & Restaurant

I ended the night with my first legal drink, a chocolate martini:


I had a joyous day filled with friends and laughter, which is all I can hope for on my 21st. Thanks for reading (and celebrating with me)!