Nature Walks

Earlier this week, I pulled myself together enough to go out on a jog. Although I hate running, I realize the necessity of it to keep in shape, practice good health, etc. Except ironically, the very next day, I got sick. But that’s a whole other story…

Anyway, while on this run, I came across this little trail that forked off from the main road. I actually really enjoy hiking, and I took this time to wander off and explore the trail. What I found was this beautiful little clearing with some flowers still in bloom. I took the opportunity to snap some iPhone photos of how beautiful everything looked with the sun setting. Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do, and remember to break away from the computer every now and then to go see nature’s beauty in person!

purple yellow flowers nature hike trail
These flowers’ colors complement each other nicely.

bees flowers yellow iphone photography
Not one, but two bees! They sure do a great job of camoflage.
city nature buildings plants iphone photography
A juxtaposition of city and nature.
red leaves fall autumn green nature iphone photography
My favorite shot!! These leaves look so pretty among the greenery!
pedestrian use only
A sign in the woods that got washed out by the sunlight…

Thanks for reading!