Night Tour of New York City

It’s true I’ve been kind of MIA on the blog lately. But I have a good reason for that! Last week I went on a (whirlwind) tour of the east coast, jumping from NYC to D.C. to Boston and back with barely any time to breathe in between! If you follow me on Instagram you might have already seen a small preview. I took mostly family pictures on this trip, but there’s still a handful of city shots that I’m excited to share:

Rockefeller Center

I was not prepared for how quick this tour was going to be. We only had 15 minutes at Rockefeller Center! Although I wrote a previous post on the plaza* – Highlights of Rockefeller Center – it looked different in the fall than when I first went in the summer. This time, all the surrounding trees were covered with pretty blue lights that created a stunning background!

*For new readers: I lived and worked in NYC for three months last summer. That was why I started this blog! You can find all those posts under the Summer in NYC ’14 tag. 😀

I’ve yet to see Rockefeller in the winter when the big Christmas tree goes up. I’d even go ice-skating in that rink despite the fact that I can’t ice-skate (and am terrified of trying)!

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Times Square

Oh yeah, it was still as touristy as ever. In the past I also wrote a post On Being a Total Tourist in Times Square. This time going back, it was as if greeting an old frenemy and introducing her to my family. I was excited to feel that “New York” pulse but tired of the crowds but also eager to show the city off to my aunt who’s never been before. Now that’s the Big Apple for you.

Ha I love these signs that throw religion at you. Even though I identify and agree with those messages, I do not think picket signs are the best way to share with others that Jesus is a loving, caring God. But I give them props for the dedication (and guts?) to throw themselves out there… Many a time has New York given me a reason to shake my head and keep on walking.

New York Times Square

Hamilton Park

I’ve never even heard of Hamilton Park before this tour. However, we didn’t go for the New Jersey park, but for seeing the New York skyline from the park’s excellent vantage point. And it truly delivered:

New York Skyline at Night

New York is just too much to see in a short 1.5 days. I’ll have to go back to properly visit it again – see old pals, splurge in the shopping mecca of the world, and try new places to eat, of course!

Where are your favorite New York City haunts?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. NYC Food Adventures

  • Kim

    Lovely nightscape! The blue and purple hues are so pretty among all the other lights!

    • Thanks! This exercise really challenged my skills because I only had 15 min since getting off the bus to set up, compose, and shoot. At least one of them turned out ok!

  • NYC is one of my favorite cities in the US, and I’m so excited to go back this December. I definitely feel like you have to play tourist while you’re there and spend some time in the chaos of Times Square. And those views from Hamilton Park are amazing!

    • Yes I loved it when I lived there last summer! Such a fun city to live and play in. What are y’all planning on doing there?

      • We’re definitely planning on seeing a few shows, eating a lot of food, and then seeing some of the sights. If you can believe it, my husband has never been to the top of the Empire State Building because it was too foggy the first time we were there! So it’s definitely on our list!

      • Right now the plan is to see a show or two and get some sightseeing in. One of my favorite times in NYC is Christmas, so I can’t wait to see all the decorations and the tree at Rockefeller all lit up!

        • A show or two?! Dang that’s a lot! What are you planning to see?

          Lucky you, I’ll have to see NY in the winter just for that some day.

  • Great post! I really need to check out Hamilton Park for that view! And I am really looking forward to returning to the Rockefeller Center to try ice skating this winter, but I’m like you – I can’t ice skate and am a bit terrified to try again. Haha. But it needs to be done!


    • Ahhh jealous! Well you can step on the ice and say that you “ice-skated” at Rockefeller 🙂

  • What a fun way to see the city! You also got some amazing shots.

    <3 Have Ashley

    • Thank you! It was definitely a fast-paced trip, but that only increased my wish to see NYC more in depth, more often!

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