On a Mission at the Louvre

I visited the Louvre Museum 8 years ago but left with very little memory of it (sad, I know). All I remember was that I saw some Egyptian mummies and the Mona Lisa. This time around, I had a very specific mission for my visit to the famed Louvre Museum.

As you might have guessed, it was to see this little painting here:

La Joconde

But wait, didn’t I already see it? Yes, but all I got out of that time was a lousy, flash-filled, tourist bombed picture of the Mona Lisa that I can’t even find on my hard drive now. Bleh.

So why get a picture of Mona when I could get a picture with her?

Marks of a true millennial, right there.

And with that, mission accomplished. Just for fun, here’s what the battlefield looked like:

Mona Lisa Louvre
Yes. You have to fight through all that to get to her.

After making my beeline for La Jaconde, I felt a sudden motivational slump. This rarely happens to me, but for whatever reason that day, I just wasn’t in the museum mood! I didn’t feel like battling through the hoards of tourists and get maybe 5 seconds with each piece of art.

Well in my attempts to escape the gigantic maze that is the Louvre, I managed to come across a few interesting pieces.

The Winged Victory of Samothrace
The headless Nike. Or better known as “The Winged Victory of Samothrace.”

Louvre Paintings

I got you, man.

Louvre Museum Paris

Louvre Museum Paris

I seemed to be more intrigued with the statues than paintings.

In the end I successfully got out, but here’s an embarrassing story about me trying to get in:

After taking my glamour shots with the glass pyramid, I wandered off to find the museum entrance. I walked around the perimeter and eventually ended at what I guess was the “back,” and still saw no obvious entry door.

Louvre Museum

So I walked back towards the pyramids, hoping to follow other guests who knew what they were doing.

Louvre Museum Pyramids Paris

Until I remembered: our tour guide mentioned on the day before that the entrance to the museum is inside the pyramid! Face. Palm.

So now I’ll never forget how to get into the Louvre, and would like to save you some time (and potential embarrassment) by sharing this critical piece of information should you ever visit!

Inside Louvre Museum
Successfully inside.

It was kind of bummer that I wasn’t really into the Louvre that day. But if I were to go again, I’d follow Kim’s advice and go at a time when it’s less crowded (I went around noon, which was possibly the worst and most crowded time).

Have you been to the Louvre? What were your favorite things to see?

Thanks for reading!