Park Güell

Marks of Gaudi’s architectural brilliance were visible everywhere in Barcelona. I was fortunate enough to visit one of his designs, Park Güell, which was commissioned by Mr. Güell and intended to be a luxurious residence some distance from the city. Unfortunately, the project failed (no one wanted to live so far away from the city center) and the land became a public park. So in the end, it was good for us that it didn’t work out, eh?

Park guell barcelona
Gaudi House Museum
With the Gaudi House Museum

My first impression of the place was that it was sort of like a desert: HOT and full of sand and cacti. Apparently, these non-native parrots (that could be heard cawing in the trees) were introduced into the region and have now become parasitic, destroying the ecosystem. Furthermore, they’re able to adapt to colder weather so they’re spreading up north. I somehow connected that random tidbit from previously mentioning the desert-like atmosphere…it made sense in my head.

cacti park guell barcelona

park guell cityscape

What I found interesting was how Gaudi tried to mimic elements of nature in his architecture. Thus, the designs blended harmoniously with the flora.

park guell columns

At the top of the hill was this beautiful house. I can’t believe that like, only 2 of the 60 houses that were built sold. I’d totally want to live in this!! #introvertlife

Casa Martí Trias i Domènech park guell
Casa Martí Trias i Domènech

Getting closer to the infamous mosaic bench…

park guell

BOOM. There it is; the bench where everyone, including me, gets their token “Barcelona pic.”

park guell mosaic bench gaudi
Another interesting fact: Gaudi designed the cross to be 3D because God should be 3-dimensional in our lives. The church didn’t like that at first (thought it was sacriligious or something) but eventually grew to accept the concept.

What I found really neat about the bench is that it is curved to allow the people sitting to face each other, creating a more social atmosphere. Once again, Gaudi is a genius. So let me gush about his ingenuity some more: this bench sits on top of a roof that collects rainwater which drains down the columns below into a hidden storage tank.

park guell columns

This area was intended to be an open marketplace for the community that would have lived there. If you look closely, you might be able to tell that some of the columns are a little wonky. Well, according to Gaudi who liked to imitate nature, trees aren’t perfectly straight, so why should columns stand at perfect 90 degree angles with the ground? I am more impressed by how the structure was engineered to be stable despite the tilted columns.

sala hipostila market columns park guell

arches park guell

Finally, I paid a visit to the park’s icon, the mosaic salamander also known as “el drac” (the dragon).

I loved Gaudi’s colorful mosaic style!

gaudi mosaic park guell

I really enjoyed seeing Park Güell, and as always, I wish I had more time there! I would have liked to go inside Gaudi’s house/now-museum and explore more of the park (though I’m not sure if there’s all that much more to see). Have you ever been to Park Güell? What did you think?

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  • Kim

    I really want to go to Barcelona someday to see Gaudi’s works there! It has such a colorful and playful element to it that’s sometimes hard to find in other works! That salamander is super cute 😛

    • Oh yeah, Barcelona is definitely the place to go for Gaudi’s works. His stuff is all over the city! I also went to Casa Mila (post coming up!), which was incredible as well. The guy was a genius.

  • I see you made it! WOOHOOOO,, Parc Guell is beautiful, and I am so glad that you liked it. Guadi is all over barcelona and definitely worth to see whenever you can. Loving the photos tooo. woohooo

    • I did! I didn’t have time to go to Casa Batllo this time, so maybe again, in the future…

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  • Oh my goodness, you are making me SO excited. I will be there next month! Any other tips or great places to eat/see?

    • Ahh, jealous! I loooved eating at Boqueria. It’s a huge food market along Las Ramblas with a ton of options inside! Let me know how you like it/what you end up doing!

      • Thank you so much! Will do.

  • ally

    hi! i was wondering were you travelling alone or did you have someone with you to take the pictures of you? 😀 you make barcelona look so gorgeous! i really want to visit it someday! 🙂