Passing Through the Black Forest

Ah, the Black Forest – the setting which inspired countless Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. Given that context, I expected the drive to be through dense, dark forest where only a sliver of light would shine through the trees. But no, the scenery was actually extremely beautiful – there was nothing “black” about the Black Forest (not during the daytime, at least)! We drove on the side of mountains where a blanket of green trees lay below and around us. Lucky for me, we stopped at the town of Titisee for lunch break, where I got a closer look at small-town German life.

Titisee Germany Black Forest

Titisee Germany Black Forest

I was blown away by how cute it was! Who would’ve thought that nestled deep in the Black Forest were small towns like this?

The all-important lunch time:

If you’re curious, here’s what else I had for lunch! Although now that I think about it, I should’ve just indulged in a second apple strudel. It was THAT GOOD.

Despite the town being very touristy, it was so, so charming and pretty. I was enchanted!

Titisee Germany Black Forest

Titisee Germany Black Forest

I eventually made my way down to Lake Titisee.

Feeding Ducks at Lake Titisee
These ducks had no fear of humans at all. They waddled right up to me expecting food. As if.

Lake Titisee Black Forest Germany

Lake Titisee Black Forest Germany
This lake was very clean! A+ for cleanliness, Europe.

So there were tourists everywhere in this town. I was not expecting that! But the good thing was, I got to practice my Chinese in Europe when I asked one of the many Asian tourists to take a photo of me. That language exchange still amuses me. 🙂

Xie xie!

Lake Titisee Germany

Lake Titisee Germany

After seeing the lake (it was a very small lake), I had some time to pop into a shop or two.

Shopping in Titisee Germany Black Forest

Apparently, the area is known for their cuckoo clocks!

Cuckoo Clocks Titisee Germany
Saw a ton of these in Solvang, too.
Bergsee Restaurant
One of the prettiest restaurant signs I’ve ever seen.

Titisee Black Forest

All too soon it was time to go. Now I’m curious to see what other small German towns are like. Are they all this charming? Do they also have a huge tourism industry, or are mostly untouched by outsiders? Have you been to any German towns? Where would you recommend going?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. My time in Germany wasn’t very long, but I made sure to experience the culture through its food! Read: A Taste of Germany


  • KMG

    I’m actually from this region and I grew up there for the longest part of my life. I still have a cuckoo clock from there, as well as many cherished memories of the forests. I just love it there. The name Black Forest comes from the Romans, when they stood in front of it, they said it was so dense, it looked black. And at that time, the Black Forest was much darker and fuller with trees. Still a good story though. 🙂

    • Wow! That’s so neat! What was your favorite thing about growing up around there? Thanks for sharing about the name’s origins..I learned something new today.

      • KMG

        The forests! I’m a forest and naturelover and I spent every day there, because it started just around my doorstep, this easy access made it really convenient. Now I have to get to the forest by train, but it’s okay I guess. Every other memory is linked to my youth, so it’s not really representative for the Black Forest, but I liked the region very much. Not necessarily because of the people, they can be really conservative and restricting, but to have so many possibilities in the nature through those landscapes was just the best. Soon (maybe in a few weeks) I’ll share some photos from that time I found yesterday. Make sure to stop by and take a look! 🙂

        • That sounds awesome! I would’ve had a blast exploring the forests too. I’d definitely be interested in seeing your pics from your time there!

          • KMG

            Thanks 😀

  • The whole town looks so charming, and the sign at that one restaurant is so beautiful! I’m with you, and definitely not getting any of the scary vibes from the Black Forest that made it the backdrop for the Grimm Fairytales.

  • What a charming town! What’s funny is when we went to Hallstatt and Rothenburg, both small (but touristy) towns, there were Asian tourists everywhere. They were coming in on huge tour buses. But hey they have the right now, seeing such amazing towns!

    • Lol it was that way all around Europe! My friend said that Asians loved Hallstatt so much that they built a replica of the town in China.

  • It’s such a beautiful find. It’s wonderful to discover small charming towns.

  • Bavaria and the area along the Rhine are gorgeous. There are some real touristy pockets but here are also some real gems. Next time you are in Europe…..

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