Revisiting the Met Museum of Art

In the beginning of this month, I went on a whirlwind tour of the east coast with my aunt. Our first stop was New York, where we saw Times Square at night, climbed the Empire State Building, and cruised by the Statue of Liberty. Add to that visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art – one of my favorite places to hang on a rainy NY day (as was our experience).

I was excited to show my aunt some “famous” pieces (read up on my “must-see” exhibits here) and even try to explore a new exhibit in our limited time.

First, the oldies but goodies.

Temple of Dendur

Temple of Dendur NYC Met
An entire temple houses this little lady.

Passed by some Renaissance Art (? art history majors, don’t hate me) on the way to Knights and Armor.

Met Museum of Art

Knights and Armor

Good ‘ol knights and armor room fulfilling all my medieval times fantasies.

Greek and Roman Art

I always pass this section but seem to not take any photos. So this time, I attempted to shoot a few…

The Met Museum of Art

The Met Museum of Art

The Met Museum of Art

The Met Museum of Art

Would you look at the detail of these gold jewelry pieces:

The Met Museum of Art

Imagine the skillmanship to make these, especially with the available tools and technology in the ancient world! The style transcends time too, cause I’d definitely want to wear these myself.

The Met Museum of Art

Oh, and pulling out this tea set whenever I have guests over. Except for two problems: 1) I’m not a gazillionaire, 2) I never have guests over.

The Met Museum of Art

By this point, I have no idea where we wandered to. There were more Greek/Roman-looking sculptures though:

The Met Museum of Art
I feel like I’ve seen this sculpture somewhere before. Anyone else spot her before?
The Met Museum of Art
Not everyone can appreciate classic, fine art. Like my dad, for example, when he saw this (“What! Why did you take this picture?!”)

Saw works by my favorite sculptor, Rodin. His sculptures express such raw emotion. What a brilliant guy.

The Burghers of Calais - Rodin, The Met Museum
“The Burghers of Calais” – Auguste Rodin

Finally, we visited a section that I’ve never been to before – the second floor of the American Wing.

The American Wing

Washington Crossing the Delaware - Leutze
“Washington Crossing the Delaware” – Emanuel Leutze

Holy crap. I’ve definitely seen that painting in some history textbook or another. And there it was before my eyes – it’s kind of surreal seeing famous paintings in real life! In fact, this struck me even more than seeing the Mona Lisa.

The Met Museum of Art
I bet you that this statue is/represents Freedom or Liberty.

Looking down at my one of my favorite statues before bidding the Met goodbye.

The Met Museum of Art

Goodbye, Met!

I think I’ll make it a goal to see a new exhibit every time I go to the Met. That should be a goal that’s easily met, given the vastness of the museum and the number of times I’m able to go!

What are your favorite exhibits in the Met? Your favorite art museum?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Check out the other times I wandered in the Met (always find something new!): The Met, Part 1, The Met, Part 2

  • Visiting The Met is still one of my favorite things that I ever did in NYC! I think that it’s a great idea to try and see a new exhibit every time you visit, because there is literally so much to see! I loved seeing all of the Greek and Roman statues, but I think that my favorite will still always be the Impressionist paintings.

    • Hm I don’t think I’ve even seen the Impressionist paintings. Now I’ll keep that in mind for next time!

  • I’m a big fan of museums and NY has some of the best ones. If I had to choose only one, I would go for the Guggenheim. Another favourite is the Acropolis museum in Athens (in Greece).

    • Oh the Guggenheim is pretty cool! Is the Acropolis an art museum?

      • No. It’s an archaeological one. I don’t have a favourite art museum in Greece. There are seasonal exhibitions that I like here and there, but there’s not one museum that I really like.

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  • Kim

    Love the detail on the gilded winged statute and her shoes;)