Saying Goodbye to St. Louis: Gateway Arch

The first in my long list of goodbyes to St. Louis was visiting the Gateway Arch. Or, more specifically, I wanted a picture with the arch with people I like. So, thanks for obliging my bucketlist request and posing with the arch with me, guys! Hehe…

Didn’t know about this city park in front of the capitol building, but it was a pretty neat place to take pictures.

Big props to Ethan for playing photographer 😀

St. Louis Gateway Arch Capitol Building
Thar she is

In our quest for water, we ventured to the capitol building. Only to find that government buildings close after 5 pm on weekdays…rats.

St. Louis Capitol Building Reflection

Yes, we did make it to the arch. Eventually.

St. Louis Gateway Arch Black and White

Unfortunately, I think the museum underneath the arch (yes, you read that correctly) was closed. The park surrounding the area was nice, though, to just chill in and take hologram cat pictures…you’ll see.

St. Louis Gateway Arch Park

We found out that the hologram cats looks like this mid-change. Good to know.
When I let my friends take my camera…

So I actually got to cross 2 items off my bucketlist that day, as I also went to a Cardinals baseball game for the first time! FYI, the arch and Busch stadium (where the Cardinals play) are both in downtown and within walking distance of each other.

St. Louis Busch Stadium

St. Louis Ballpark Village

Cardinals Game St. Louis
Cardinals vs. Cubs

In the end, the Cubs won (merp) 6-5, but it was still a good, exciting game – during the parts when I was paying attention, anyway. I heard that these games aren’t usually so high-scoring, so it seems that I came for a good one after all. Not bad for my first time!

Have you ever visited St. Louis? What were your to-see bucketlist items?

Thanks for reading!


  • Nicely done! You captured the classic image of the Arch with the Old Courthouse and fountain. Too bad the Courthouse was closed, given its historical significance (site of the first two trials of the infamous Dred Scott case and where Virginia Minor’s case for a woman’s right to vote came to trial in the 1870s.) You didn’t miss too much in the underground museum. Since you asked, other bucket-worthy sites include the Fox Theater on Grand Avenue, and the Cahokia Mounds, the ruins of one of the great cities of the world in the 13th Century. It was larger than London was in the mid-13th Century. Across the river from St. Louis, about fifteen minutes away.

  • Kim

    Oh my, that arch is huge! Actually, I didn’t even notice it in the first few photos until I had seen the photo of the arch separately and scrolled back up! Hmm, it’d be amusing if Disneyland/world added an arch like that above their castles to match their logo 😛

    • Yes, St. Louis is quite proud of our Arch! In fact, it is the world’s tallest arch and built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States.

  • what is this arch thing oh my god contemporary architecture is so breathtaking!

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