Snapshots: Amsterdam

Amsterdam was an incredibly photogenic city. I spent a considerable amount of time walking along its many canals and capturing the city’s beauty. So here are snapshots of what I saw through my lens, which also concludes my series of Amsterdam blog posts:

Amsterdam Iguanas
Those iguanas freaked me out when I first walked past them! …Then I realized they weren’t moving. Or even real.
Amsterdam Houseboats
More houseboats

I loved how Europeans decorated everything with flowers, from windows to door steps to even bridges:

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Canal Flowers

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam Boats

While standing in line for Anne Frank House, I saw Westerkerk, the same church that Anne saw while hiding in the secret annex.

Westerkerk Church Amsterdam
Westerkerk – Renaissance-era Protestant church. Also where Rembrandt is buried (that was news to me).

Visiting Anne Frank House was an incredible experience. I crawled through the bookshelf-door that was the secret entrance and entered a whole new world of the annex. It was a small apartment up there, where I couldn’t believe an entire family (plus some) lived for 2 years. I walked from room to room, the kitchen, and attic. But what struck me the most were the magazine cutouts and pictures pasted on the walls of Anne’s bedroom. It reminded me how in the end, Anne was still a normal girl. A normal girl who craved a normal life but lived in abnormal circumstances.

A visit to #annefrankhaus is a must when in #Amsterdam. ?#annefrank #annefrankhouse #thingstodo #Europe #Holland #Netherlands

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After that visit, I purchased the diary and planned to read it on the rest of the trip…but still haven’t gotten round to it. And I will, as soon as I finish a couple library books that are about to be due!

Continuing my walk around Amsterdam…


Yes, Amsterdam was cold even though it was June! I had to go and buy a jacket!

Amsterdam Coffeshop

Somehow stumbled up on a “grungier” part of town with graffiti everywhere. Too bad the graffiti was fenced off, or else there would’ve been a lot more pictures…

Amsterdam = bike life


Amsterdam Flag Symbol

Learned about the national flag’s symbols on the Walking Tour of Amsterdam: the three crosses are supposed to protect the city from the three disasters that struck it in the past: fire, water and black plague.

Thankfully, the weather warmed up the next day in time for my biking tour.

After checking out the floating flower market Bloemenmarkt, I was off to see the museum square Museumplein. You know, these Dutch names sound pretty logical once you know their meaning!

Museumplein ended up being one of my favorite areas in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Flowers Canals

Amsterdam Flowers Canals


Aaand I ended my day of walking with a nice, cold Heineken. Normally not a beer-drinker, but I had to try one since I was in the city where the brewery was established! Did I notice a huge difference in taste? Eh, I tell myself that it tasted lighter and felt smoother than when in a bottle…

Heineken Beer Amsterdam

Amsterdam was unlike any city I’ve been to before. I was surprised by how small, eco-friendly, and clean it was! It didn’t have any of that big-city chaos (crowds, skyscrapers, litter, honking horns) that I’ve become used to. But in the end, I believe I prefer big-city chaos to the small, quiet cities. Amsterdam was nice, but I don’t feel the NEED to go back (unlike with London). Perhaps you feel differently! Share about your Amsterdam experiences in the comments below!

Have you been to Amsterdam? What did you like most about it? If not, would you go?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. All adventures in Amsterdam and its surrounding cities can be found here.

  • I felt the same when I visited Anne Frank’s house — her diary’s both intriguing and heartbreaking. When you read the book it feels like you know Anne personally and that she’s your friend.

    One of my favorite little things in Amsterdam is definitely all the flowers. Since visiting, I’ve always envisioned having a window garden once I get a place of my own!

    Great pictures!


    • I’ll definitely have to dig into that book soon. I think I’ve read parts of it a long time ago and admired her tenacity.

      Oh yes, those flowers! I’m impressed that they somehow keep them all alive and well. I’d definitely like them, but I don’t trust myself with plants! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • Your photos have sold me on visiting Amsterdam at least once in my life! It looks beautiful. And what an experience to be able to visit Anne Frank’s house.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences! 🙂


  • Great photos, Jessica. I am looking forward to “backing -up” and looking at the rest of your blog. We are currently planning a Netherlands trip so your posts will be very helpful. I am your newest follower on Bloglovin and will be catching up with you on Instagram too. Pop over and see me soon. XOXO Bronwyn

    • Thanks Bronwyn! So glad that I could help with your trip planning. Let me know if you end up going to any of these places!

  • Absolutely gorgeous photos!!!!!!!!!!!! xo

  • Amsterdam looks so beautiful, your pictures are amazing! Anytime I thought of Amsterdam, all I really thought about was the Red Light and Green Light Districts, but now I want to visit because of the beauty of the city!

    • Thanks! Yes, Amsterdam definitely surprised me. I noticed that the red and Green light districts were only a small part of the city’s identity. Most people don’t participate in them, as there’s plenty of other things to do!

  • Amsterdam is an easy and pretty city to live in. I’ve only visited twice and for a very limited amount of time. I would like to go back one day. Really nice photos!

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